Black Clover Episode 54 – Never Again

In the last episode of Black Clover, the battle against the Diamond Kingdom ended with the victory of the Magic Knights. Asta, Finral, and Charmy managed to show how good teamwork is to Langris¬†while making a fight between their squads in progress. In Black Clover episode 54, Asta’s greatest challenge will present itself to him and the Black Bulls.

Black Clover Episode 54 – Celebration With A Catch

Back after the fight in Kiten, Yami will bring Asta to Owen, the doctor that works under the Magic Emperor himself; aka the best healing mage in the whole Clover Kingdom. He will then go gamble while Owen is treating Asta.

black clover episode 54

Owen will use his magic in Asta’s hands. With his magic, he can see what’s wrong with the human body. This makes it easier for him to heal and become the best healing mage in the Kingdom. Just as when he is about to tell Asta what is going on with his arms, Finral will arrive and will decide to eavesdrop in the conversation. It seems like what Owen will tell to Asta will not be good news.

But there will still be good news in Black Clover episode 54. Back at their base, Yami will announce that because of the team’s hard work over the past months, there are no negative stars for the Black Bulls anymore. Because of that, they will be celebrating with meat. The Black Bulls (except Gauche who went to si Marie) had a great time showing tricks with their magic. Asta will tell them that he will go home early because he is tired.

That will surprise everyone because Asta is a ball of energy. Finral will then reveal what he heard while eavesdropping with Asta and Owen earlier. The bones in Asta’s arms are all broken and there’s nothing he can do. Asta cannot swing his swords again.

black clover episode 54

Will Asta find a cure for his arms or will this be the end of his journey as a Magic Knight? We will know more in the next episodes so stay tuned for more updates.

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