Black Clover Episode 54, 55, 56, And 57 Spoilers

Black Clover anime is gearing up one of the most exciting arcs in the manga: the Witch Forest arc. But before that, say goodbye to some of your favorite Black Bulls characters because the next episodes will introduce new characters from the Witch Forest country and even from the Diamond Kingdom. Here are the spoilers for Black Clover episodes 54, 55, 56, and 57.

Black Clover Episode 54 – Never Again

The fight against Kiten will be over and the Black Bulls will finally be coming back in the capital. Asta will get his arms taken care of by Dr. Owen, the top recovery mage of the kingdom. Finral will overhear the situation about Asta’s arms. After the mission in Kiten, Yami will announce that the Black Bulls have no Black Stars and that they can actually collect more stars to rise in the ladder. In celebration for this, he treats everyone with barbeque. Asta announced that he’s tired and he wants to go home. When he left, Finral will tell everyone that Asta’s arms will never be healed.

Black Clover Episode 55 – The Man Named Fanzell

Black Clover episode 55 will be based on the Black Clover Light Novel and not on the manga. The Light Novel doesn’t have any English translation yet so this episode will likely be the first time the story will be told outside of Japan. This story is about Asta and a former Diamond Kingdom commander who fled to Hage because he can’t take his former kingdom’s ideals. For those who wonder how Asta learned the craft of swordsmanship, this will answer your questions.

Black Clover 1

Black Clover Episode 56 – The Man Named Fanzell 2

This will be a continuation of the tale about Fanzell Kruger and his time with Asta. A few months after Asta became a Magic Knight, he will revisit Fanzell and his wife, Domina. It seems like Noelle’s magic item was made by Domina, who was once a witch in the Witch Forest.

Black Clover Episode 57 – Infiltration

The Black Bulls are trying to find a cure to fix Asta’s hands. All of them went to somewhere just to find something to dispell ancient curse. Noelle and Finral will visit Fanzell and Domina for a cure advice. Their destination is in the Witch Forest, where Vanessa already went.

And that’s it for Black Clover 54, 55, 56, and 57 spoilers. Stay tuned for more updates.

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