Black Clover Chapter 325 Release Date: Mangaka Yuki Tabata Takes a Break Before Spade Kingdom Arc Finale

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Black Clover Chapter 325

Black Clover Chapter 324 was nothing less than a reality check for Lucifero that mere humans can take him down. The devil kingpin felt pain for the very first time. The coordinated attacks of Nacht and Yami pierced through Lucifero’s unshakable defense and bruised his right hand. He got so furious that he coldly threatened to kill Yami and everyone he ever cared for. Now that Lucifero is finally serious, how much stronger will he get? We will find that out in Black Clover Chapter 325.

Meanwhile, Yuno and Asta have already recovered a bit and are back on their feet. Thus, it’s a final showdown between the best mages of the Clover Kingdom and the devil. Things are about to get far more intense from here, so fasten up your seat belts. We bring you the latest chapter updates and speculations of Black Clover manga.

Black Clover Chapter 325 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Black Clover Chapter 325 will take us to the final showdown between the devils and the best mages of the Clover Kingdom. Now that we know dark magic and antimagic can actually harm Lucifero, he ought to get serious. I won’t be surprised if his devil companion finally intervenes in the fight if things go south.

Black Clover Chapter 325
The finale of Spade Kingdom arc

Coming to the positive points, Asta and Yuno and back in action. Asta’s antimagic sword is the only weapon that can kill Lucifero. On the other hand, Yuno’s star magic and teleportation powers can give the perfect opening for Asta to strike Lucifero down. Another thing, we haven’t seen the effect of Captain Vangeance’s Golden Tree Magic seeping out of Yami’s katana yet. The Golden Dawn Captain has put all his magic into Yami’s sword, and I am looking forward to how it works out. The raw scans and spoilers of Black Clover Chapter 325 will be out by Thursday, March 3. So, be sure to check back.

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Black Clover Chapter 324 Recap

In Chapter 324, Zora concentrates all his mana into his fist and nullifies Lucifero’s punch. He surely didn’t expect that from a seemingly ordinary Magic Knight. Zora’s heavy blow is followed by Yami and Nacht’s coordinated attacks. So, we can say that Black Bulls are the underdogs who never miss a chance to surprise us. Yami has never felt such a surge of power within him, and he advances towards the devil with everything he has.

Black Clover Chapter 325
Yami and Nacht vs Lucifero

Meanwhile, Nacht’s devil is surprised at how strong they have got. His new attack is almost as lethal as Captain Yami’s Dark Cloaked Deep Black Blade. It seems that the only thing Lucifero is scared of is the faint ray of hope among the humans that pushes them to emerge victoriously. He realizes that even a mere human can end his life when Yami’s slash leaves a bruise in his right hand.

Lucifero acknowledges Yami’s strength and vows that he will utterly kill him. Not just him, he furiously says that he will kill everyone precious to him, even if that means wiping out the entire humanity. The cold words shake Yami for a moment, but he knows that they have come too far to retreat. Meanwhile, Asta and Yuno get back on their feet and somewhat regain their composure.

Black Clover Chapter 325 Release Date: Is Black Clover on a Break?

Yes, Black Clover manga is on a break this week. It’s a well-deserved break for mangaka Yuki Tabata before the series steps into the final part of the Spade Kingdom arc. Black Clover Chapter 325 will be released on March 6, 2022, Sunday. New chapters are released every Sunday unless there’s a delay or break.

Where To Read Black Clover Chapter 325?

Black Clover Chapter 325 can be read on online platforms like Viz media, Mangaplus, and Shonen Jump’s official application. The latest chapters are freely available, but you must pay to access the entire catalog. Moreover, the manga is available on various other pirate websites, but we would suggest not to ruin your experience by resorting to them.

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