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Spoilers & Highlights: Black Clover Chapter 291

Black Clover
Black Clover

The battle in the Spade Kingdom continues, with Asta facing two fused devils. The chapter is titled The Highest vs. The Lowest. Black Clover has entered an epic climax where Asta has just recently arrived at the Spade Kingdom. Asta is the only key to defeat the devils due to his anti-magic powers. Asta realizes that he is left with two minutes to slay the Supreme Devils after a huge blast.

He unleashes his Demon Dweller and attacks the Supreme Devils. Liebe notices that the guy that they are facing is on another level. All the time when they cut him, he regenarate using black magic. Liebe realizes that he was the weakest devil in the first level of the underworld. He wouldn’t stand a chance against those Supreme Devils.

Black Clover Chapter 290 Highlights

Asta attacks again with Demon Destroyer, but the Supreme Devils revives again. Liebe realizes that Asta has given him the will to fight. He recalls the time when they were training together. During their training, Liebe realizes how special he is to Asta. Asta thanks him for getting in a Devil Union Mode together. But that time, Liebe couldn’t thank Asta. He realizes that those thank you words from Asta were supposed to be said by him.

Liebe comments that Asta stole his words, and he should have thanked Asta earlier. The training helped him get strong since he was the weakest one who couldn’t lay a finger on the Supreme Devils. But now he is the weakest one who is pulverizing the Supreme Devils. He Asta Asta a moron and comments that was his line, and he thanks Asta for everything. Liebe realizes that he can clash with the Supreme Devils at the highest level. The Demon Destroyer landed a powerful; blow that tears the Supreme Devils into half.

The Supreme Devil is wondering what kind of Devil that is helping the anti-magic boy. They realize that the anti-magic boy can attack them, but they can’t land a single blow. The Supreme Devils realize that their lives have been fun and entertainment, but this is no longer fun. They wonder what made the two stronger and what pushes them not to give up. Liebe comments that it is none of their business to know about their strength or emotions.


Black Clover

Black Clover

He told them that they don’t have to know about anything since they would never learn. Liebe has learned a lot after living with humans in the human world. The Supreme Devils know nothing since they have been living in the underworld. They had no feelings, emotions, or feel pain when someone is hurt. Liebe told the devils that the highest devils in the underworld was the strongest devils, and no one was a threat to them. They would never understand since they never face a threat in their life until now.

Liebe told the Supreme Devils that what they are feeling now is called fear. It would be hard for them to understand since it is the first time they are scared. The Supreme Devils realize they have to buy themself time by running away from Asta. They realize that it won’t take long before the Devil Union Mode runs out. The Supreme Devils started to keep their distance from Asta as he attacks. They decided to stay away until two minutes run out.

Asta notice that the Supreme Devil is too fast, and he can’t keep up; the time is running out. He opens his grimoire, and the Supreme Devil comments that he would grind every human into the blood. Nacht decided to help Asta before the time runs out. They manage to cut the devils in half, and this time seems that they have finished the devil for good. The Devil Union Mode runs out, and Asta celebrates his victory with Liebe.

Black Clover Chapter 291 Release Date and Where To Read Online?

Black Clover Chapter 291 date will release on Sunday, 25 April 2021, officially on Viz. Don’t miss the next chapter that will hit next Sunday. You can find out more about how Lilith and Naamh fused to become a Supreme Devil here on Black Clover, Chapter 290. Chapter 290 was released on Sunday. You can read Black Clover’s latest chapters on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus for free.

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