Black Clover Chapter 178 – Noelle And The Water Spirit?

In the last chapter of Black Clover, Nozelle had taken his guard down and was gravely damaged when the Elf’s compass magic appeared and struck him. While he is down, Noelle is the only one who can fight the Elf. She succeeded in injuring him using her new power. Did Noelle get the Water Spirit Magic? Here are the possible Black Clover chapter 178 spoilers.

Black Clover Chapter 178 – The Awakening Of Another Spirit Magic?

At the beginning of the series, it was revealed that four elemental spirits could empower the mage that they chose. So far, we only know two of those spirits: Sylph (sworn to Yuno) and Salamander (sworn to Fuegoleon). In the latest chapter, Noelle managed to finally unleash the power that she has and released her most powerful spell yet. Is it possible that she managed to do that with the help of an elemental spirit?

We haven’t seen the water spirit yet, so we don’t still know what it looks like. It is also not seen in the previous chapter, so there’s no way that Noelle was helped by the water spirit. But this opens up an interesting thing for her. With how she improved from the beginning till now, she might be able to carry the Water Spirit. Black Clover chapter 178 might confirm that during the aftermath of her battle with the Elf-Compass Mage. But if it is not the case, then she might get the powerup in the future.

Black Clover Chapter 178 – Vermillion Family

black clover chapter 178

In the previous chapters, we saw how the reunited captains soon took their own ways to fight enemies. House Silva already finished defeating one enemy, with Zora just lurking around the castle. Jack, Yami, and Finral went to where Langris and co. went. But before the fight among the brothers, we might see some action in the House Vermillion. It is finally time to see Mimosa in action again Who will they face and what magic will they encounter? We will know in Black Clover chapter 178.

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