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Black Clover Episode 159 Release Date and Recap

Black Clover

We are back from a weekly break with the new latest development of this anime, lets find out what we have here. In Black Clover Episode. An unknown man is trying to get through the strong magic region before his mana runs out. The mountain ware wolf started to attack him but he managed to grab a stick and fight back. He decided that he won’t die in a place like this not before he tells him. Meanwhile, at Diamond Kindom citizens are held hostage inside a walking robot and their mana is being sucked out.

Candelo reveals that they just need half of the civilians t to survive until they get out of the strong magic region. He also said that there is mana within life energy and they must get every last drop of mana from the civilians even if it’s from a child. Undine appears in a nearby pond and saw a giant mobile fortress. Meanwhile, at the Heart Kingdom, the Magic Knights have been summoned by the Queen.

Black Clover Episode 159 Release Date and Recap

Black Clover Episode 159 will be released on Tuesday, 12 January 2021, at 6:25 PM JST. Keep in mind that the time is in Japanese standard time. For you to get the episode as soon as it is released, you can change your local time. Watch this Anime officially on  CrunchyrollFunimation, and Netflix. Let’s see what more Black Clover has to offer for us down here.

Black Clover

Black Clover

Previously on Black Clover 158

Loropechika reveals that the Spade Kindom’s army will soon reach their kingdom’s borders. Gadjah reveals that within the last six months the Spade Kingdom has basically taken over the Diamond Kingdom. They are now advancing toward the Clover Kingdom and the Heat Kingdom. Leopold adds that they are prepared for an attack but the enemies are one step ahead. Luck said that he is ready to fight anytime and Loropechika orders them to intercept the enemies.

She reveals that the Spade Kingdom’s forces are currently in the strong magic region. Fin adds that he guess timing will be really important.  He also thinks that it will be easier to fight the enemies if they draw them closer to them. Mimosa thinks that if they are passing through the strong magic region they will be weak when they reach the border. She suggested that they better strike them at that moment.

Mobile Fortress:

Loropechika reveals that they won’t be weakened since they are using a mobile fortress to pass through the strong magic region. She reveals that they are using the weaker civilians from their kingdom by sucking their mana so that it will boost their power and pass through. Asta couldn’t wait and he flies using a broom heading towards the mobile fortress. Meanwhile, inside the mobile fortress, the Spade Kingdom villains want to take small girls for their mana to be sucked out.

The women beg for the villains to stop while saying that they are still small kids. The guy uses a powerful spell and changes his hand to steel. He grabs the woman who was trying to defend the small kids asking her if she has the nerve to talk back. The guy started to abuse the women and their husband wanted to fight back but the other villain interferes. That guy wanted to make that beautiful lady lose her honor.

All thanks to Asta who showed up in time and break the window of the mobile fortress and gets inside. But that guy has only managed to tear half of that beautiful lady’s top. With his acquired new powers he summons the demon slayer. He saw everything that is happening and he gets ready to fight and the villain notices the robe and realizes that Asta is a Magic Knight from the Clover Kingdom.

The Demon Slayer

Those evil bastard tries to act tough thinking that Asta is just a kid and he is outnumbered. The first villain got powered up and covered his body with a powerful armor. He said that Asta is an idiot who is just wasting his time. In a single slash, he sends that guy flying away and he is torn into pieces. The remain two are just shocked and Asta said wasting time is his line.

Asta reveals that he doesn’t care how many of them are there and he is going to take care of them in an instant. The villains started to witness the power of the demon slayer. They try to act tough and he defeated them by just swinging his demon slayer. He introduced himself to the civilians and told them that he is here to protect them.

That lady reveals that their life was just spared for their mana to keep the fortress moving. Later other Magic Knights show up and help save the civilians. They started to punish the villains who are shocked and wondering where the Magic Knights got their powers from.

Black Clover 159 Preview

Wait until another seven days for new updates of the upcoming episode. That was all about today’s post and if you have missed the recent update try the following link. Black Clover 158

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