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Billions Season 5 Episode 11: Release Date, Stream & Recap

Billions Season 5 Episode 11
Billions Season 5 Episode 11

The second half of the financial crime drama nears its end. Here is Billions Season 5 Episode 11 release date. Firstly, will Bobby Axelrod finally get his dream? Can this dude materialize his fantasy and solidify his project of turning Axe Capital, a dodgy hedge fund into a full bank? We’re just going to have to see. After all, Chuck Rhoades and his legal team from the prosecutor’s office practically handed him the keys to the bank in a silver platter. They did that a couple of episodes ago when they probed Mike Prince’s shady finances. But more on that later.

Billions follow the cat-and-mouse game life of prosecutor lawyer Chuck Rhoades and financier Bobby Axelrod. The two are corrupt. Each in their own way. And the two have a passion for power. One has a knack for kinky sex. And the other has a knack for money. What binds them together sometimes is the supporting characters. And their interwoven stories brought together by Andrew Ross Sorkin, author of Too Big To Fail, a New York Times bestseller that chronicled the 2008 financial collapse. Now jump with us here at Otakukart as we take you through the basics of Billions Episode 11, Season 5.

Billions Season 5 Episode 11 Release Date & Stream

Billions Season 5, Episode 11 will air on September 26, 2021, on Showtime. The show goes on air every Sunday. On the other hand, episodes drop a week after on Netflix. If you have a Hulu subscription with a Showtime add-on. You can enjoy every Billions episode the same day they air on television. Moreover, the second part of season 5 consists of five episodes. Episode eleven is the next-to-last episode of the season. With the grand season finale approaches, who knows what will happen: Can Chuck procure the kidney for his dad? What about Wendy? And what is Taylor going to do with Axe Capital? Let alone the future of Axe Capital?

Billions Season 5 Episode 11

Billions Season 5 Episode 11

Episode 10 Recap

With his return to the workplace, Axe has returned to his former shape in Billions Season 5 Episode 10 dubbed Liberty. As a result, he delivers a shocking revelation that actually stuns everyone. Wendy is going through a divorce at the same time. Previously, in a fit of rage, Chuck froze all of Wendy’s assets. And Wendy used some of Axe Cap’s databases to try to procure some intel for Chuck’s dad, who needs a kidney transplant. Moreover, while Chuck and Kate try to zoom in on Axe, they handed over in a silver platter the easy steps for Axe Cap to become a bank. However, when Chuck gets involved in the Mase Carb financials, things become more complex.

Billions Season 5 Cast

The cast of Billions for season 5 is basically the same. Firstly we have Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti in the lead roles as Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades. Secondly, Maggie Siff and David Costabile play supporting roles as Wendy Rhoades and Wags Wagner, the financial aids to Bobby Axelrod. On the other hand, Condola Rashad plays Chuck’s right-hand man, Kate Sacker as the assistant District attorney. And lastly, Jeffrey DeMunn plays the nasty Chuck Rhoades Sr. Each season the supporting cast rotates with stars of the size of Emmy award winner Julianna Margulies, who played Chuck’s girlfriend.

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Billions Season 5 Episode 11

Billions Season 5 Episode 11

Did you know that the “Billions'” plot takes inspiration from a real-life lawyer?

Billions is a television series which is closely based on the real-life of the former New York prosecutor for the South District of New York Preet Bharara. A man who not so long ago handled top-notch crime investigations with global implications. Sorkin and the writing team based some, not all of the cat-and-mouse game from Bharara’s time at that high-level United States District Attorney’s Office. Since then, the show has morphed a lot. And tells the hypocrisy and brutal reality in which the United States legal system and Wall Street coexist. All in all, if you enjoy crime dramas of brutal reality, you should give Billions a chance. All seasons are available on Hulu, Showtime, and Netflix. With that, we wrap up our coverage of this episode here at Otakukart.

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