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Big Brother Season 23 Episode 23: Release Date & Spoilers

Big Brother Season 23
Big Brother Season 23

We have been seeing Big Brother season 23 on our screens for a while now, and it is providing us with all the drama we deserve. Previously on the show, we saw that Tiffany was trying to manipulate Azah as well as Kyland to team up with Derek X. But Xavier was adamant to change her mind regarding this situation. Although, she gave no ears to Azah and guided Derek X through the process in order to get immunity. Derek X has actually replaced Xavier as the second person on the block. Hannah thus informed Xavier about this information, and he attempted to change his mind about Tiffany. While he was trying to do so, Tiffany knew what she had to do, and her plan was clear as per what she discussed in the Diary Room.

Hereby, Xavier was banished for 24 hours. This gave her a chance to play the next move. She asked Derek X to sympathize with Azah and Kyland into giving him votes. Azah agreed to the deal when Derek X broke into tears. Although, he lost by a margin of 5-2, and as it turns out, Hannah and Kyland were the only ones who voted for him. All this while, Sarah Beth was also eliminated from participating in the next HoH competition. Thus, we saw the others stepping up for the game. As for the challenge, they had to memorize the clips which were put on the memory wall throughout the whole week.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 23

A still from Big Brother Season 23

After that, the participants were asked True or False questions based on what they are able to remember. This round was pretty strict as the person who fails to answer even one question incorrectly is going to lose. Xavier, as well as Azah and Claire, lost in the first attempt, as we saw. Later, they were joined by Kyland as well as Derek F later. In the final round, Alyssa as well as Hannah, have finally been eliminated. This makes Tiffany the new HoH. While they were going back, each of the players got an envelope that had a certain amount of BB money inside of it. Now, we shall head forward to the details of the next Big Brother season 23 episode.

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Big Brother Season 23 Episode 23 Release Date and Where to Watch

Big Brother season 23, episode 23 is supposed to drop out on 29 August 2021. It will come out on CBS at 8 PM according to Eastern Time. You guys should watch out for new episodes every week on Sundays as well as Wednesdays and Thursdays. The easiest method through which you can watch the show is by tuning in to CBS at the time and date which we have penned above. It can also be streamed through the official website of CBS as well as its application.

There are other ways to watch the episode as well, such as through Paramount Plus and YouTube TV. These platforms will let you watch the show but only through an active subscription. Now, if you are one of the biggest fans of the series and can not miss even a single episode, then I suggest you rent or even buy the newest entries from VOD platforms. These include Apple iTunes as well as Vudu and Amazon Prime Video.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 23 Spoilers

Well, here we will mention some spoilers for the next episode. These might be triggering and make a few of the readers uncomfortable. Thus, it is an alert to skip this part if this is the same case with you. In Big Brother season 23, episode 23, we are going to witness the HouseGuests having a golden chance. They can overthrow Tiffany as an HoH. All they have to do to grasp this prize is to win at Coin of Destiny. As of right now, we can see how happy Tiffany is to be the HoH of the house and take all the control in her hand. Although, you guys should expect her journey for this week to be pretty rough. There will be other drama involved as well around Xavier and Derek X.

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