Bianca Gascoigne’s Net Worth In 2022: All About Regan Gascoigne’s Sister

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Bianca Gascoigne is a Glamour Model who recently participated in the reality show Dance On Ice on ITV. Making her parents proud by stunning performance in the show, Bianca really gave us some good memories. Regan Gascoigne‘s sister, Bianca, is surely someone who can be the center of attention wherever she goes. You might even wonder what else does she do other than dancing, or maybe what is Bianca Gascoigne’s net worth in 2022. You may remember her from Love Island; an ITV reality show that she won.

Bianca Gascoigne was born in October 1986 in Hertfordshire, England. She is very popular for modeling. For starters, Bianca is the daughter of Paul John Gascoigne, and she has made an appearance in many reality shows. Here we shall discuss everything to know about Bianca Gascoigne, including net worth, family, and achievements.

Bianca Gascoigne net worth
The gorgeous model Bianca Gascoigne

Meet The Famous Family Of Bianca Gascoigne

Bianca is the daughter of Sheryl Gascoigne and Colin Kyle, Sheryl’s first husband. Sheryl is the former wife of footballer Paul Gascoigne. Paul Gascoigne adopted Bianca Gascoigne along with her brother Mason. Now they are the three children of Paul Gascoigne, Bianca, Mason, and Regan. Paul, aka Gazza, is a former footballer. Sheryl, Bianca’s mother, is a TV personality just like her daughter. Then comes Mason, who is the oldest son of Paul Gascoigne. However, Mason is adopted, too, like Bianca. Speaking of Regan, as you know, is a reality show participant, dancer, and actor, who is just as famous as Paul himself after his superb performance in the reality show Dance On Ice.

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What Is Bianca Gascoigne’s Net Worth In 2022?

As of February 2022, Bianca Gascoigne’s net worth is estimated at around $3 Million. Modeling is the primary source of income for Bianca. However, she has appeared in many reality shows, including Strictly Come Dancing, where she ended up as a runner-up. It seems like Regan is not the only one bringing fame to the family in the field of dancing. With the number of appearances Bianca has made on TV shows, you can call her a TV personality too.

Paul Gascoigne's children
Bianca Gascoigne

Bianca and Calum won £50,000 on the reality show Love Island. She also competed with former Miss England glamour model Danielle Lloyd in the TV show Gladiators. Ever since then, Bianca has always welcomed great opportunities to make money and earn fame.

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Bianca reached the second rank in the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars, Ballando con le Stelle, which is supposed to be her remarkable achievement. Other than this, Bianca won Love Island in 2006. Apparently, ITV is kind of lucky for Bianca. Love Island and Dance On Ice are the two shows which brought Bianca to light, and both of them are shown on ITV. She also appeared in Celebrity Coach Trip, Celebrity Big Brother, and many other famous TV Shows.

Apart from Television appearances, Bianca is famous for modeling too. In the year 2006, Bianca appeared in two popular magazines, Loaded and Nuts. She was on the cover of Loaded magazine as well as Nuts magazine. Moreover, she was also featured on the cover of Zoo magazine in 2008. She also posed for Calendars in 2020 as well as 2021.

Bianca Gascoigne Net worth in 2022
Bianca Gascoigne

Bianca has a verified account on Instagram with a fanbase of 352k followers. She is very active on Instagram, and her username is biancagascoigne1.

Bianca’s Journey In Dance On Ice

Bianca was doing amazing in the ITV show Dance on Ice. However, blame favoritism, as she was eliminated on Day 32. The model competed with her ex Calum Best. It is interesting that she won Love Island with him. Calum was eliminated on day 29. He was in seventh place then! She might have left the show, but she definitely made her family proud. Regan is also in the show as a participant. He has lately talked about doing a reality show with his father, Paul Gascoigne.

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