Belle Anime Movie Ending Explained & Plot Summary

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Belle anime movie ending explained

Belle, directed by Mamoru Hosoda, has been in Southeast Asian theatres for a week or two, and people are quite enthusiastic to see it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should. We’ll discuss Belle and its ending in this article, so stay tuned. A 2021 Japanese animated science fantasy movie directed by Studio Chizu. It’s based on and inspired by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont’s 1756 French fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. The film had its global debut on July 15, 2021, at the Cannes Film Festival, at which it garnered a fourteen-minute standing ovation from reviewers.

On July 16, 2021, it was released in theatres in Japan. The film has been licensed by GKIDS for a countrywide release on January 14, 2022, with premieres in select IMAX theatres beginning on January 12, and will be released mostly in the United Kingdom by Anime Limited on February 4, 2022. Belle is the consequently Japanese movie of 2021, with a total box office haul of 6.533 billion yen since about December 12, 2021.

Rather, “Belle’s” allure stems from its lavish animation. It’s cartoonish at moments and hyper-realistic at others. The aesthetics change into fanciful and whimsical forms at most places. The contemporary, computerized reconstruction of the Beast’s castle, a type of crystal palace, is one of those pictures that stick in your mind like a rainbow on a puddle. Another is Belle, who wears a flowing rose-colored gown and sings on a whale equipped with speakers, surrounded by millions of avatars of different shapes and sizes. In a film full of sorrowful melodies, the truest scene is a shimmering golden sea of voices outstretched in pure benevolence, containing Suza’s greatest song.

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Suzu Naito is just a seventeen-year-old Japanese high school student from the rural Kōchi prefecture. She had such a strong, loving relationship with her mother as she grew up, who encouraged her to sing and write songs. Suzu, on the other hand, observed her mother risking her life to save a toddler from a raging river. Suzu had been unable to sing as a result of the traumatic incident, which drove her to despise her mother for “renouncing” her for a random stranger kid. Apart from her childhood buddy Shinobu Hisatake, whom she has a love upon; popular girl Ruka Watanabe; athlete student Shinjiro Chikami aka Kamishin; and her brilliant best friend Hiroka Betsuyaku, she is estranged from the majority of her classmates.

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Belle anime movie ending explained
Still from Belle

Suzu joins the famed virtual world-renowned as “U” at Hiro’s recommendation and develops a lovely avatar with beautiful freckles she calls “Bell,” the English version of her own name’s significance. Suzu discovers that she can sing like she has had to after logging onto U. Bell’s freckles are first ridiculed, but after making multiple performances while singing, Bell quickly becomes a major sensation. People begin to refer to her as “Belle,” which signifies “beautiful” in French as a result of her popularity.

Belle Anime Movie Ending Explained

A vigilante gang led by Justin, who wields a weapon capable of revealing an avatar’s true identity, storms and destroys The Dragon’s palace. However, due to the Dragon’s elusiveness, they were unable to apprehend him in the ending of Belle. Justin scrutinizes Belle, threatening to reveal her name to the entire world if she disagrees because she is close to the Dragon. Before leaving again, the Dragon saves Belle at the last moment, protecting her from being exposed. Before Justin can figure out who the Dragon is, Suzu and Hiro try to figure out who he is. Justin also has sponsors that want to see The Dragon unveiled for whatever reason.

Belle anime movie ending explained

Suzu arrives in Kei’s village and defends Kei and his sibling from their father, who feels terrible for putting Suzu as a buffer between him and the boys. Suzu and Kei congratulate each other for providing them courage after that’s settled. So, how did things go from there? Is the father going to jail as a result of this? Are the children receiving social assistance in Japan? This section is unclear and may irritate some viewers since there is no actual closure. Yet, based on the tone of the film, the filmmaker purposefully left it open-ended so that we might decide the result for ourselves. Belle itself is based on a fairytale ending; therefore, it’s maintained constant at the very least.

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Overall, it is a joyful conclusion. However, the film’s heavier subject themes are addressed in an admittedly naïve and not quite practical manner in the latter third. Admittedly, do you perhaps want your protagonist to go up against an abusive father who has the ability to overwhelm her? It’s reasonable that Mamoru Hosoda desires the protagonist to go it alone in order to gain courage for her story arc, but when emotions like this cloud commonsense, a lot of things might go wrong. The film’s latter third can be attributed to hasty scripting.

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