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Bella Poarch ‘Build-A-B’: What is The New Single About?

Bella Poarch's Build-A-B Release Date
Bella Poarch's Build-A-B Release Date

It is not very new that influencers, to be precise, TikTokers come out with new singles nowadays. Whether it is Dixie D’malieo, Nessa Barret, or Addison Rae. Tiktok fame Addison Rae recently released her debut single titled, ‘Obsessed.’ In the same manner, we have Bella Poarch ready with a new song release. Bella is an American-Filipino social media personality who rose to fame in a matter of months on the TikTok platform. Bella first joined TikTok in April 2020 and rapidly rose to prominence, accumulating more than 40 million followers in less than eight months.

She shared a number of videos, but the most famous was a video for Millie B’s viral song “M to the B.” The zoomed-in video of her rhythmically bouncing and lip-syncing to that tune went viral, and it became one of TikTok’s most famous videos of all time. It has more than 31 million likes. Bella Poarch is currently 24 years old. She now has over 64 million TikTok followers, a total of 10.4 million fans following her on Instagram, and 302,000 Twitter followers. Insane. right! Bella, being one of the most popular Tikokter has been involved in a variety of scandals since becoming famous, including calling one of her friends a racist nickname and getting a tattoo with Japanese imperialism symbols. Keeping that aside, now Bella Poarch has revealed and confirmed rumors about her first single music release. Find out more about it below.

When Will Bella Poarch’s ‘Build-A-B’ Release?

Bella Poarch is all set to release her debut single, ‘ Build-A-B’, on 14th May 2021. Bella Poarch herself, on 30 April 2021, released a teaser of the music video for her very first single, titled “Build-A-B.” The preview, or teaser, was shared on Twitter. Poarch’s disembodied head is seen singing along to the song, amusingly mimicking the head-bobbing and nose-scrunching. These are similar gestures that made her viral ‘M to the B’ TikTok so iconic.

Along with the announcement, it was stated that Build-A-B is available to pre-add on Apple Music, pre-save on Spotify, and preview on TikTok. Users on YouTube can set a reminder for the song’s release. Indeed, clever and effective use of the internet and its features to heighten the audience’s excitement and anticipation! When it comes to Bella’s musical background, this is not her first foray into the industry. Poarch appeared in Sub Urban’s ‘Cirque’ music video in early March, so it’s no surprise that she’s now launching her own career in the industry now.

Where To Stream Bella Poarch’s ‘Build-A-B’?

Bella Poarch’s debut single will be made available on Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube on 14th May. These three streaming platforms have been confirmed till now. Any more updates will reach you through Otakukart at the earliest. Get ready to stream.

Fans Reaction To Bella Poarch’s Announcement

Bella Poarch did post several clips of herself singing on Tiktok before announcing the release of her debut single. Many people adored her first Tiktok of singing, which came as a pleasant surprise to her fans and viewers. Very few people were aware of her singing talents, but became fans instantly. Her voice was described as “angelic” and “something you could listen to all day” by fans in the comments. Not only that, but a few major and contentious remarks were made about how people thought Bella might be one of the few Tiktokers who was actually talented and skilled at singing. That is what the fans believe. Many responded to her tweet about the Build-A-B release date, wishing her luck and expressing their delight and excitement for the same.

Bella Poarch's Build-A-B Release Date

Popular Tiktoker, Bella Poarch

With all that positivity, Bella was bound to receive some criticism. People, on the other hand, have been hating on her since the announcement. Haters claim Tiktokers use their fame to gain support for their new ventures, whether it’s music, YouTube, or anything else. They receive undue attention from their followers, who do not properly analyze TikToker’s work. It all becomes a game of huge fanbases rather than actual talent and skill. As a result, all of this makes it more difficult for other talented strugglers to break into the industry.

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