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Before Your Eyes Ending Explained: What Happened in The Great Life of Benjamin Brynn?

Before Your Eyes Ending Explained: What Happened in The Great Life of Benjamin Brynn?
One-Eared Wolf Fisherman

Before Your Eyes is a heartfelt game created completely under the viewpoint of our character, Benjamin Brynn. This first-person storytelling game was created by GoodbyeWorld Games as it got published by Skybound Games on Steam and Epic Games Store. While one may try to find similarities to those of previous Telltale games such as those of The Walking Dead, and Wolf Among Us, Before Your Eyes, has its own unique feature. The game employs our eyes as controllers, as each of our blinks throughout the game influences our experience. This is done through the webcam as it is able to detect our blinks throughout the course of fewer than two hours of gameplay. Now that the game has been out for a little more than a month, let’s get the Before Your Eyes Ending Explained.

The game can be played through the traditional method of mouse clicking or through eye blinking. In the eye blinking, one must use the mouse to navigate the player’s movements while your eye blinks initiate actions. The way it is employed is to make us players realize the significance of the life that we live and how it may just pass away in the blink of an eye. In the game, time may pass through minutes, hours, days, months, or even years as we blink when a metronome appears at the bottom of our screens. While we do control Benjamin, the gameplay is enhanced highly through the story, the characters, and the music. All of which has been put together beautifully to narrate this short story game.

The Plot of Before Your Eyes

The game starts off with us in a humongous ocean from where we are pulled up onto a boat by a fisherman. He is not really a Fisherman, but a humanoid one-eared canine, something like a werewolf. Soon, we learn that our actual self has died, and now we are a soul without a body. It was the job of the Fisherman to fish out souls from the ocean and bring them to the Gatekeeper. He fished out our soul as a premonition came to him, making him think that our soul was special. The Gatekeeper will only accept souls into the Great City if it finds the soul worthy enough. For this, one needs to narrate their story to the Gatekeeper. In this case, the Fisherman claims to be a Great Orator himself, as he aims to earn a coin by having your soul enter the Great City.

As soon as the Fisherman claims to be a Great Orator, the boat is surrounded by Seagulls that keep squawking. After the Fisherman weirdly howls at them, the Fisherman reveals he is not that good but he can twist words into good stories. And to present a good story for the Gatekeeper to judge, he wants us to narrate our story to him, from the very beginning. But before we go down memory lane, we are given some warnings. As we do not have a body, the only way to progress is by blinking. But there is a catch, a blink can skip us forward in time to five minutes, few hours, or even five years. So, we must stay careful as we proceed through the memory.

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The Memories

The Beginning of the memories with Mom.

We get sent to the very beginning as we sit on a beach as a baby with our mother. Here we learn that our name is Benjamin, and we have a pianist mom and a father who was a professor of maritime archeology. Benjamin had been passed down a toy piano from his mom, and from there on we see snippets of our lives learning piano from our mom. While they expect big things from you, nothing is forced on you until one day you play a piece made by your mom. While we do so, we also witness some scenes where we paint a few pictures. As time passes by, we can notice how the sketches or paintings have improved over time. During all this, Benjamin’s Dad brings home a cute one-eyed cat named Ernie.

Over time, we learn much more about our parents’ relationship, as well as the differences in their parenting styles. And as we get older, things start getting complicated, where we discover our musical talent. Your relationship with your mother starts to become rocky as she wants you to succeed in her dream. We even start interacting with our next-door neighbor, and friend, Chloe. At this time, we are 11-years old when we get rejected by a music school, and soon get diagnosed with some disease. This forces our character to stay home for a year, during which we find back our long-lost skill of painting.

Before Your Eyes Ending Explained: What Happened in The Great Life of Benjamin Brynn?


Time again passes by as we skip some important moments that we don’t want to witness again. During this time, we notably lose our mother, as we face some rough times. But, fortunately, our artistic skills pick up as we become one of the most renowned painters in the world.

The Truth Revealed At Before Your Eyes Ending

This story comes to an end as we are interrupted by the familiar voice of the Fisherman. He was elated to have fished out our soul as we end our lives in a way that one considers to be successful. He believes that our life story would just be good enough to grant us entry into the Great City. This will earn him the coin, by which he will eat something good. But just then, the Seagulls start squawking again. Here, the Fisherman reveals to us how the birds weren’t regular Seagulls, but Liar Birds. These birds were the souls of people who weren’t accepted into the Great City. These were now entrapped in a Seagulls’ body as they are able to detect if someone lies. All of this meant that the Liar Birds found out how Benjamin had lied to the Fisherman regarding parts of his memory.

Before Your Eyes Ending Explained: What Happened in The Great Life of Benjamin Brynn?

Benjamin becoming sick

The Fisherman again sends us down memory lane, but this time much focus is on the parts we skipped. Here, we witnessed the death of our Grandfather, and the kittens birthed by Ernie. Our disease gets worse as we struggle to get back healthy all to hear our mother exclaim how we might not get better at all. During this time in bed, our mother brings in her father’s typewriter as she asks us to write a story about our life, The Great Life of Benjamin Brynn. In this, we write the story that we showed to the Fisherman earlier. Slowly we learn that we never actually become a renowned painter as we witness a very impactful moment. Days pass by, as we slowly become incapable of taking our meds or eat our lunch. Slowly, our soul gets immersed into a crimson element, leading to our death.

Before Your Eyes Ending Explained

Before Your Eyes Ending Explained: What Happened in The Great Life of Benjamin Brynn?

Before Your Eyes Ending Scene with The Gatekeeper

In Before Your Eyes Ending, we finally climb up the tower to the Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper is one known for many forms, but in our case, it appears in the form of a Cat. The truth is, although there are decisions to be made, they do not alter the ending. Back in the past, we see our mom as she tells us how she read our version of the book. She was saddened by the way the story was altered, as those events were never about to take place. So, she wrote her own version of the book based on the Benny she knew for the past 11 years.

Here we realize that we go back and forth between the past and the present as we blink. On one side we see our mother, while on the other we see the Fisherman. Both were telling the story of The Great Life of Benjamin Brynn. He was a boy who lost his life at the ripe old age of 11. But it was a wonderful life filled with adoring parents, a best friend Chloe, and his pet Cat Ernie, all of it which made it a complete one. In Before Your eyes Ending, the voices that we hear echoing make it ever so worthwhile the experience. Surely the life felt incomplete because of the amount of time he was to experience it, but it was the life that he had lived.

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Piano Practice with Mom

We come back to reality as we see that the Gatekeeper has accepted us into the Great City. We blink once again at the Sun, as the screen goes dark. Here, we hear our parents wondering why we are smiling while laying on our bed. This scene from Before Your Eyes Ending happens to be the saddest part. Here, we players realize how life is short and could pass on just with a blink of an eye. We are given the life we have, and we just need to accept the flow of time and try and live our life to the best. There is nothing truly we could do than being content with what has occurred and work on a better future,

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