‘Batwoman’ Season 3 Episode 13 Release Date: Will Marquis Reveal Ryan’s Identity In The Season Finale?

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Batwoman Season 3 Episode 13

Things will definitely be getting out of hand in Batwoman Season 3 Episode 13 as Marquis plans to make his big move against Ryan and her friends. The previous episode saw Ryan suiting up again and going after one of Marquis’ most important men to get intel on his plans. Meanwhile, Sophie met Ryan’s mom Jada in a rather awkward turn of events when Jada came in looking to spend time with Ryan. Alice was once again having hallucinations and wanted to get her hands on the Joker’s joy buzzer desperately.

On the other hand, Batwoman and the team were on the lookout for Marquis, who kidnapped Jada and some other members of the black glove society. While Alice went after Kiki to get the joy buzzer from him but was interrupted when Marquis stopped by and killed Kiki within seconds. Meanwhile, Ryan got a lot angry with Alice when she got her hands on the joy buzzer and used it on herself to fix her brain back to normal. But the question is, did Alice really fix her brain, or was it another one of her many hallucinations?

The American superhero series featuring the characters from the comics based on the Bat-family has impressed a whole lot of critics since its debut. That is why the show has managed to air two successful seasons and is now in the third season. But the fans are quite excited to watch Batwoman Season 3 Episode 13 to find out what goes down. Although, let us first take a look at the events of the previous episode to find out what happened.

Batwoman Season 3 Episode 13
A still from Batwoman Season 3 Episode 12

Batwoman Season 3 Episode 12 Recap

Episode 12 of Batwoman Season 3 dropped on 23rd February 2022 and was titled “We’re All Mad Here”. The episode began with Alice getting her hands on the joy buzzer after breaking into Wayne Enterprises and stealing it from Marquis’ office desk. She then used it on her and ended up in Mary’s clinic and realized that she was now normal and could feel pain and empathy. Later on, we saw her at a court hearing when she was set free of all the charges against her as she was now a sane person. But Ryan was not at all happy with her since she used the buzzer on her, which was meant to fix Marquis. But it turns out; this was all an illusion as she was still in the underground train station of Gotham and got frustrated with everything.

On the other hand, we saw Jada walk in on Sophie, who had just woken up in Ryan’s bed, and the situation was quite awkward for her. Meanwhile, Ryan arrived later after getting all the details about Marquis’ upcoming schedule. But surprisingly, his present-day had no plans, which were a bit strange. While Barbara Keen’s name popped up during the research of Marquis’ intel and Jada left in a hurry since she was a member of the black glove society and wanted to warn the members. Sophie realized it and followed her in the alley and told her to trust Ryan with the secret and tell it to her. But Jada didn’t want to lose Ryan and asked Sophie to keep this a secret. However, things got out of hand when Jada stepped into another identical car as her’s and Sophie realized that Jada had been kidnapped. She informed Ryan about it, and the team set out to find Jada before Marquis did something worse.

Batwoman Season 3 Episode 13
Marquis and Ryan

In the meantime, Marquis brought Alice with him after killing Kiki to the black glove society’s place, where he wanted her to watch the others die. But just when he was about to use the joy buzzer on Jada to make her insane, Alice jumped in and tried to take it from him. However, when she failed, she traded in a secret in exchange for the buzzer. Meanwhile, Batwoman arrived and fought Marquis, but he was about to use the freezing gun on her when she let her guard down. But, Jada arrived in time with a gun and shot at Marquis, and he escaped. Sophie and Batwing stopped Alice from using the buzzer in time and sent her back to Arkham. In the end, we saw Mary visit Alice to thank her after learning that she took the blame for killing the man in the woods. While in a shocker, Alice told Mary that she revealed the secret way to the Batcave to Marquis for the buzzer.

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Batwoman Season 3 Episode 13: Release Date & Spoilers

Batwoman Season 3 Episode 13 will release on 2nd March 2022 at 9 pm ET on The CW. Moreover, the episode will be titled “We Having Fun Yet?”. The episode will see Marquis making an announcement that he will soon reveal the identity of Batwoman. Therefore, it will be a challenge for Ryan and the team to get to him as soon as possible and stop his plan.


Watch Batwoman Season 3 Episode 13 Online – Streaming Details

Batwoman Season 3 airs every Wednesday at 9 pm ET on The CW in the United States. Furthermore, the show is also available to watch on Youtube TV and Amazon Prime Video. The viewers in Canada can watch the show on Showcase. The show airs every Thursday at 5 pm AEDT on Binge in Australia. Meanwhile, the episodes are available to stream on TVNZ in New Zealand.

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