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Batwoman Season 2 Episode Schedule – A Complete Recap

The DC Universe has been expanding its content in a variety of ways recently and Batwoman on The CW is definitely one of those. Caroline Dries has created this masterfully crafted show for all the fans out there who love watching action and superhero drama. Also, you guys might already know that the character of  Batwoman has been taken from DC Comics but currently serves as a continuity to the Arrowverse. The first installment of the show appeared a while ago and we all loved it of course. Although, there were a lot of controversies around it when the lead actress, that is, Ruby Rose, left the set. In that season, the story was all about Kate Kane.

She is a cousin of Bruce Wayne and just like him, is a vigilante. While Bruce is not in the scene, Kate decides to take the matter into her own hands and starts dubbing herself as Batwoman. Now, the creators had to do something about Ruby leaving the picture, and thus, they cast a new actress and turned the story 180 degrees. In the second installment, which is currently airing on The CW right now, the spotlight is thrown on a former convict Ryan Wilder. It is told to the fans that Kate has disappeared from Gotham City and thus, Ryan is acting up in her absence to protect the people of the place she lives in.

Batwoman Season 2 Episode Schedule

A still from Batwoman Season 2

Batwoman Season 2 Episode Schedule

Now, here we have wrapped up Batwoman season 2 episode schedule for all the fans who might want to check out the release date of the next episode of their favorite series. You can watch Batman Woman Season 2 on CW Official Streaming Site.

  • Batwoman season 2 episode 1 release date – the 17th of January 2021
  • Batwoman season 2 episode 2 release date – the 24th of January 2021
  • Batwoman season 2 episode 3 release date – the 31st of January 2021
  • Batwoman season 2 episode 4 release date – the 14th of February 2021
  • Batwoman season 2 episode 5 release date – the 21st of February 2021
  • Batwoman season 2 episode 6 release date – the 28th of February 2021
  • Batwoman season 2 episode 7 release date – the 14th of March 2021
  • Batwoman season 2 episode 8 release date – the 21st of March 2021
  • Batwoman season 2 episode 9 release date – the 28th of March 2021
  • Batwoman season 2 episode 10 release date – the 11th of April 2021
  • Batwoman season 2 episode 11 release date – the 18th of April 2021
  • Batwoman season 2 episode 12 release date – the 2nd of May 2021

Season 2 Recap

Recently in the show, we have witnessed that Batwoman is not happy with the production of Snakebite. As a result of this, she stops the production of Snakebite and now Angelique, as well as Ocean, are the only two people left who are capable of producing it. On the other hand, Snakebite is causing too much chaos for Jacob and he experiences himself saving Beth. Because of how he has reacted to the product, Jacob does not forget to consult Dr. Rhyme about it all. Although, Sionis leaves more of Snakebite for him which he takes in all over again. Now, Julia, as well as Alice, are spending time together in the show and we saw how Julia is helping Alice find her enigma. But in the meantime, she also comes across the perpetual truth about how she has lost her memory in the first place.

Julia decides to confront Enigma about it all but instead, Enigma washes her thoughts all over again and it creates more trouble. Julia, thus announces, after getting her memory altered again, that she is now moving away to Berlin. In Batwoman season 2 episode 10, we also witnessed the entry of a new villain who has been making life hell for Jordan. As we saw that Jordan was pretty excited about opening a youth center and when he does so this new antagonist, that is, Kilovolt ruins it all with a mew mystery power weapon that looks like an electrical gun. Kilovolt next hops on the other target Spence but here we have a powerful entry of Batwoman who takes away his electrical gun and saves Spence. All in all, this season has been going crazy tense and there is just so much content to catch up on.

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