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Spoilers & Preview: Battle Game in 5 Seconds Episode 3

Battle Game in 5 Seconds

A young boy who got beaten to death wakes up in another world and finds he is dead in the real world. Akira saw Mion and realizes that Mion is the one who killed him in the real world. Mion explained the battle game in five seconds and told the guys that they belong to her living under her rules. Let’s find how Akira and the other summoned beings survived in another world on the recent episode of Battle Game in 5 Seconds. Akira battled with Madoka and defeated him, and the higher-ups announce Akira Shiroyanagi as the winner.

After the battle, Akira got handcuffed again and realizes that he still need to test his new abilities. Mion and Yang watch Akira, and they praised him for his victory. Mion discovered Akira’s ability and that it is whatever other person thinks his ability is. Yuuri relaxed inside her room after battling her opponent and thinks about returning home. She had a flashback to the day when she went to school with her two friends. The trio talked about shifts and realizes that they are free. They encounter a puppy, and Yurri gets angry when the puppy barks at her.

Yuuri realizes that she has terrible luck, and she met with a guy who wanted to die. When she tried to save that guy, she finds that the guy is a pervy stalker who aims to hit her. Yuuri arrives home and finds her mother with another man. Her mother introduces that guy and asks her if he is not fantastic. Yuuri’s mother reveals that they met at the bar, and the guy replies that it felt like destiny. Yuuri realizes that the men that her mom brings from the bars are the same.

Previously on Battle Game in 5 Seconds Episode 2

The guy compliments Minako for having a grown-up daughter. Minako told her daughter Yuri that this guy has a daughter and she is younger than Yuuri. Yuuri looks at the other side and finds a little girl sitting alone. The two want Yuuri to take care of the little girl as they enjoy their time. Later Yuuri heads to Find your New Life here Real Estate and saw the pervy stalker again trying to commit suicide. Yuuri can’t believe that it is the same guy and head to save him.

The guy wanted to die since a girl he loved abandoned him. He thinks that Yuuri is the one and said he knew true love would come. Yuuri hangs on the steel bar, trying to save the pervy stalker. But the guy grabbed her, and they begin falling together. The guy is glad that he is dying with his lover at the same time. Later Yuuri wakes up in another world where Mion welcomed her. Yuuri is disgusted by that lover’s suicide and the bizarre woman with the arm cannon.

Battle Game in 5 Seconds

Battle Game in 5 Seconds

Demon God

She realizes that everything was part of a dream which became a reality. Yuuri realizes that she is missing home, but the room she is locked in is tight. She tried to break the wall, but nothing happens since her powers get limited inside the room. Mion watched Yuuri from the CCTV room and said Yuuri is interesting. Yang took out Yuuri’s record and revealed the ability that allows her to escape. Yuuri discovered her power and cracked the wall, but it didn’t break. Yuuri realizes that the wall will crack, but it won’t get damaged.

Mion is impressed by Yuuri’s powers, while Yuuri had another flashback before arriving in this world. The day Yuuri comes home, she thinks about making a million yen and leaves her home. Yuuri wants to start a new life alone without her mother since she is tired of her mother’s drama. Inside the kitchen, Yuuri heard a noise and asked who is there. That little girl entered the kitchen and said it is Riria. Yuuri realizes that it is the daughter of the guy who is dating her mom.

Riria said they told her to stay here with Yuuri. Yuuri begins to take care of Riria. Later Yuuri wakes up after hearing about a one-on-one paring match. Kazuto got fixed in a fight with Yuuri and told her that he loves teenage girls and pays them to entertain him. Yuuri calls Kazuto the old pervy and defeated him. She decided that she will get free and meet Riria. Mion gathers all the fighters and Yuuri became the Demon God. Mion announces a team battle that will take place in two hours.

Battle Game in 5 Seconds Episode 3 Release Date

Battle Game in 5 Seconds Episode 3 release date is 27 July 2021. You can watch Battle Game in 5 Seconds online on Crunchyroll, VRV, and ANIPLUS; you can also look at Battle Game In 5 Seconds Episode 2: Release Date, Preview, And Recap.

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