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Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2: What is it About?

Batman: The Long Halloween was loved by all the fans who watched it earlier this year. This animated movie series is scheduled to have two parts out of which one has already been released. The tale is produced by Warner Brothers Animation as well as DC Entertainment. The plot has been adapted from the DC Comics storyline that goes by the same name. Chris Palmer has done a very hard role in directing this movie. The tale also stars the voice of various stars such as Jensen Ackles himself as well as Naya Rivera and Josh Duhamel among others. The script of these films has been penned down by Tim Sheridan.

The entire film has been dedicated to Rivera. As it so happens, it was her final role in any project before her tragic death in 2020. In the first film, we witnessed the setting be Gotham City on Halloween. The scene opens with Johnny City, who is the nephew of Carmine The Roman Falcone. He is murdered by a bizarre unknown figure. Although, we have only one hint as to who it might be. It is seen that the killer has left behind the jack-o-lantern at the crime scene.

After this crime, the Gotham City Police Department is called for and we see Captain James Gordon in charge. He also calls in Harvey Dent as well as Batman, the vigilante of Gotham City. The entire team is trying to know more about the entire murder. They try to investigate the stockpile of Falcone along with Catwoman who joins the team later. After this, we see that Dent tries to burn money rather than move it legally.

Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2 Release Date and Details

A still from Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1


Thus, in order to make his plan successful, we see that Falcone hires Mickey Chen, a members of the San Ho Hui Triad to bomb the house which Dent lives in. During this master plan, we see that Dent, as well as his wife, survive the attack although Dent gets hospitalized during that. Hereby, we see that Batman locates Chen down and tries to catch him down. They are having an intense chase down in the sewers. Although, we see that Chen runs into Solomon Grundy here. Grundy wants to have Chen and take his life. Although, Batman steps in and confronts him about his situation. He then convinces Grundy and takes Chen down to the GCPD.

Well, there was no evidence that proves that Chen was involved in any way in the whole accident thus, Batman, as well as Gordon, are forced to release him. Well, there was a lot of suspense in the film and at last, the killer was surely arrested. Although, there is still a lot to uncover from the plot that the fans are curious about. Thus, if you are someone who wants to know more about Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two, then we have got you covered. Here, we have mentioned all the details regarding the next part of the film.

Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two Release Date

Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two Release Date is on the 27th of July 2021. Just like last time, the film is again going to release on DVD as well as Blur-Ray and digital download. Also, later after some days, it might also release on HBO Max given the fact that almost all the Warner Brothers content is soon uploaded on it. Well, if you are waiting for the film series or any of its parts to release on Netflix or Hulu, or Disney Plus, then I advise you not to.

These platforms are competitors of HBO Max and will not likely have the legal license of Batman: The Long Halloween Part One and Two ever. You guys should keep in mind that the second part of this tale is R-Rated due to the violent action and blood scenes. The first film was given a PG-13 rating. There are also some new characters which will be appearing along with it such as Poison Ivy as well as Scarecrow and Matt Hatter. We will also see Sofia Falcone along with a young Bruce Wayne.

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