Ballers Season 4 Episode 7: The Kids are Aight – Where To Watch Online

In this post, we are going to talk about Ballers season 4 episode 7: The Kids are Aight release date, where to watch, and spoilers. We have seen that Spencer and Joe are struggling to establish their channel Sports X and their business. They have tried everything and even roped in Q to help them out. Initially, there was not much progress, but now they are now making remarkable progress. Congrats Spencer, but you need to do more than that!

Ballers Season 4 Episode 7: Where To Watch Online

The show is now six episodes deep, and the seventh episode is due this weekend. The seventh episode of Ballers season 4 is all set to release on 23 September 2018. The show is broadcasted on HBO channel every Sunday at 10 PM. Also, the show can be streamed using HBO Go and HBO Now, as well as other streaming service providers at the mentioned time.

Spencer was trying to bring out the deal for good, so he and Q went to Southern Cal. And he made his first move, as he said that Q would only sign if they get SC TV rights. Well played, Spencer. But do you really feel like that is going to work? Then Spencer tried to tell Q about the cancellation of the deal, but Q was busy with his education, and he even said that he wants to spend more time in education. But then it turns out that Spencer had to make out the deal anyhow!

Joe on the other side was trying to run Sports X while Spencer was away, trying to convince the skateboarder group. In the next episode, we will see that Spencer calls Anderson Brothers for help. For what? I think it would be for that deal; he needs to get it done. Furthermore, Joe is out and wild, he is unstoppable with his motor mouth as he tries to aggravate the business. He will be seen landing Illegal Civilization to a big shoe brand.

Also, the synopsis suggests that Ricky would be seen getting fierce at a neighbor’s pool party. Cool down, boy! And Julie would be seen complaining to Charles, as she thinks he is being too tensed about success.

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