Bakugan Battle Planet Series Release Date, Spoilers

Bakugan is one of the older series, which was really good. It has been a part of my childhood, and a lot of other people would tell you the same thing. Spin Master, which is a Canadian toy and media company, has collaborated with TMS and Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana subsidiary. They have finally announced that Bakugan is officially going to be relaunched. The relaunch includes an anime series and a new toy line as well. The new anime is named Bakugan Battle Planet.

The series will premiere on Cartoon Network in the United States and on Teletoon in Canada. The series will premiere in December. Bakugan will also air on Cartoon Network in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America. However, the release date is set for 2019. So far there has been no news about the release for Australia and New Zealand.

Bakugan Battle Planet Series Release Date

Spin Master describes the new series:

The animated series follows the adventures of Dan and his best friends, the first kids on Earth to bond with the mysterious alien creatures known as the Bakugan. With storylines themed around friendship, battling and competition combined with a new integrated toy line, “BAKUGAN Battle Planet” is anticipated to be one of the biggest and most dynamic franchises yet.

The new series will also have an additional short-form content, which will be available online. A teaser website is also going to reveal on December 1. Cartoon Network Enterprises is leading the franchise’s licensing program. They are going to release it everywhere except Asia.

Spin Master had made an announcement about the relaunch of Bakugan in 2015. They had also launched a concept art. Back in November 2017, the company announced that the relaunch would take place within 2018 or 2019. Nelvana and TMS Entertainment joined the project in January earlier this year.

The franchise is based on Spin Master and Sega Toys’ combination of cards and toys. The franchise has also been a bestseller in North America. It will be interesting to see what the new series brings to our screens. The show will definitely refresh the memories from our childhood. So, I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

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