Baki 2018 Episode 18 – Retsu VS Doyle

The last episode of Baki 2018 reintroduced us to Jack Hanma, who is Yujiro Hanma’s other son and Baki’s half-brother. Meanwhile, Baki had an awkward talk with his father which is best not be recalled. Retsu and Doyle coincidentally met with each other in a shopping mall and decided to settle everything in a final fight. In Baki 2018 episode 18, Retsu will be fighting with all his might against Hector Doyle.

Baki 2018 Episode 18 – Playing With Weapons

Doyle offered Retsu a drink which the latter accepted. During their talk, Doyle will try to use a fire weapon and take the advantage but Retsu already attacked with his dagger. The real fight will just start in Baki 2018 episode 18, and it is interesting to see how Doyle will fight with him having less than an eye. However, it doesn’t mean that Retsu can just let his guard down. He will drink another cup of the liquor and will blow it in a candle while he aims for Doyle.

baki 2018 episode 18

Retsu will continue to assault Doyle with the weapons that he got on his sleeves and on his clothes. In the end, Doyle will have a taste of his own medicine with all the weapons that Retsu has thrown into him. With the pain, Doyle will make his way out of the bar but Retsu will hold him with a rope. Drawing another weapon, a good looking sword, Retsu will slash Doyle in the back. Doyle will try to sneak an attack using an explosive, but Retsu will see through this and will counter him.

baki 2018 episode 18

Just as when Retsu is about to finish him off, Jack Hanma will appear and will inject him with a sedative. Jack will then tell Doyle that he can go home that night because when he gets better, they will face each other. And that’s it for Baki 2018 episode 18. Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates.

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