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Preview & Recap: Baht Oyunu Episode 6

Baht Oyunu Episode 6
The Turkish Drama, Baht Oyunu

Baht Oyunu is Turkish television ongoing series. In this article, we are going to talk about everything related to Baht Oyunu Episode 6. The Turkish series Baht Oyunu is currently airing on the Kunal D channel at 20.00 TRT every Tuesday. The story revolves around two individuals who are destined for each other. Have you ever faced the worst bad fortune especially, in your love life? What would you do? Would you give up your love? Or would you fight against fate till the end? We will see in the series how Ada fights against destiny to win her first love. Is it really what destiny has stored for her?

Ada comes from a family of women, where it believes that they will be happy if they marry the first men they fall in love with and who have not succeeded in doing so, is about to put the spoke in the wheel of destiny. Ada’s wheel of destiny spins as she is abandoned by Rüzgar, who she believes is her first love. While fighting for her lost love, fate opens a new door for her. On the way to reclaim Rüzgar and her happiness, Ada crosses paths with Bora. How will Ada find her true happiness when she is trapped between the game of love and faith? So far, the series has released five episodes. Without further delay, let us find out Baht Onuyu episode 6 release date and more.

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Episode 5 of Baht Oyunu- What happened in the episode?

Episode 5 mainly focuses on Tuğçe, Ada, and Bora. In the episode, Bora is looking for some topics for new content, Ada comes up with the idea of a white marriage. Bora likes the idea. Impressed with the idea, Bora instructs Ada and Tuğçe to prepare an article series. Tuğçe warns Ada not to write the text, but Ada challenges her. To complete the given task, Tuğçe goes to the immigration office to research a series of articles. It is where a twist happens. Tuğçe meets a person who knows Ada and Rüzgar closely. In order to not disclose their secret, Ada and Rüzgar are forced to cooperate.

On the other side, Ada works tirelessly to come with good material and use this opportunity to showcase her writing skills. However, when Tuğçe realizes that Ada is not going to give up on write, Tuğçe puts her plan into action. Hence the rivalry between Ada and Tuğçe turns into hostility. In the end, the day they will deliver the text to Bora, Ada confronts Tuğçe’s dark side.

Baht Oyunu Episode 6

Episode 5, Ada.

Baht Oyunu Episode 6 – Release Date and Trailer

Baht Oyunu episode 6 will release on 27 July 2021 at 20.00 TRT. Originally it was supposed to release on Tuesday, 20 July 2021. Many fans were waiting for the next episode. Due to the Eid-al-Adha holiday, episode 6 did not broadcast at the scheduled time and was postponed to the next Tuesday. The series began airing every Tuesday starting in July 2021. The first episode was released on 15 July 2021. Until now, the Turkish drama Baht Oyunu has completed five episodes.

Baht Oyunu Episode 6

Baht Oyunu Episode 6 Trailer

The trailer of Baht Oyunu episode 6 is out. Many fans must have been eagerly waiting for the next episode. However, since they did not get it this week, fans must feel satisfied with the only trailer of episode 6. You can look forward to the next episode. In the next episode, fans will see the change they have been waiting for. From the preview, we can tell our female lead finally standing up and getting stronger. The trailer shows that Ada is trying to teach Tuğçe and Rüzgar a lesson.

Falling into a tug war of love and faith, wicked and good, Ada is trying to find her happiness in mid of all. How will her journey turn? Will she end up with her first love, who abandoned her? Or will she accept the new destiny knocked on her door? Who will she choose? If you are curious and want to know more, watch the Turkish series Baht Oyunu aka Baht Game or Twist of Fate every Tuesday on Kunal D screens at 20.00. International fans can watch few hours after the original broadcast on various Turkish drama websites available for international fans with English subtitles. Do not forget to put a reminder for the upcoming Tuesday for Baht Oyunu episode 6.

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