Bad Buddy Episode 12: ‘Have You Ever Pictured What It Would Be Like If Our Families Weren’t Enemies’?

Bad Buddy Episode 12
Bad Buddy

“From two people who can’t be friends, without knowing it, we became two people who can’t just be friends” the entire fandom grasped their tears when Pran said these lines. Clearly, ‘Bad Buddy Episode 12’ will make us go howling, however, making us root for Pran and Pat even more. Will the boys be still together despite knowing the complicated emotions that their families hold for each other? Now both of their families know about their relationship as well. However, will they accept it? The boys went to some faraway place to get out of the sticky situation. Will this make things even more complicated?

Both Pran and Pat have an excellent balance in their relationship. Most importantly, they know when to hold each other up. The drama, along with Ohm and Nanon’s terrific acting, is a fatal combination. Sometimes, their portrayal of Pran and Pat blur out reality. For many, the plot may be predictable. However, in every episode, something new has been presented, and that too is in one of the most beautiful ways.

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Bad Buddy Episode 11 Recap

After knowing the real reason for the clash of decades, Pran and Pat decide to get out of the entire chaos to find some time for themselves. They know that the situation can’t be changed, and that’s the reality. Pat wanted to run away to a place where there would only be only both of them.

Bad Buddy
A Still From The Series

Ultimately, they went to the zero waste village where the Architecture Team went previously. Facing the ocean, the boys shout all their inner feelings. Pran knew that Pat was his safe place. Though he appeared to be chaotic, he was the only person who knew Pran inside out. Pran and Pat met uncle Tong, and he insisted them to stay at his place.

The boys have a fun time together, doing part-time jobs to get some food or drinks in return. They find their freedom in each other. However, while Pat was ready to let everything behind, Pran had the thoughts of his family at the back of his mind, especially of his mother.

Junior wasn’t ready to go back with his mother as he wanted to stay with Uncle Tong. While talking to Junior’s mother, Pran thought his mother might be thinking of him. The thought of putting the sim back on the phone and giving her a call did cross his mind. However, he didn’t.

Pat brought the news that they got a permanent job. However, Pran seemed to be in a dilemma. Though he wanted to be there with Pat, however, he wasn’t mentally prepared to stay there for a long time. A minor disagreement took place between them, and Pran went to make it up with him. He told Pat that he was ready to be anywhere in the world if it was with him.

Let’s Go Home

While sitting at the beach during the night, Pran and Pat played a game to see who would win. Their traits are so well preserved, as both of them can’t live without competing. Pran expressed how he wanted to become an interior designer after graduation, while Pat mentioned that he might take over the family business and also listen to Pran’s songs.

A Still From The Series

Every time we have witnessed how it’s always Pat who is the expressive one in the relationship. Although this time, Pran took the lead, and both of them shared a kiss that portrayed their inner feelings with finesse. Unlike the first time where they desperately wanted to be each other, here they were calm, and a sense of pain prevailed. Maybe because both of them knew that, this might be the last time they are together.

The next morning Pat told Pran that one day or the other, they had to return, and so this might be the time. The screen shifts to the point where both of them imagined the moments if ever their families were together when they would have accepted their love.

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Upcoming Storyline Of Bad Buddy Episode 12

Pran and Pat return to their respective families knowing that if this relationship stayed, then their families may never accept it.

Bad Buddy
A Still From The Series

For the sake of everyone, they made this decision to break up. In the final episode, it seems there will be a leap of time. Pran and Pat will meet each other. However, will things again stir up, or will we get a happy ending? This anticipation will be hard to keep.

Watch Bad Buddy Episode 12 – Streaming Details

The drama is available on its original network GMM 25 Tencent Video, and apart from this, the series can also be viewed on its Youtube Channel named GMMTV OFFICIAL. Along with this, the drama is available in the WeTv app as well. 

When Will Bad Buddy Episode 12 Release?

Bad Buddy Episode 12 will release on 21st January 2022. The series will have its final episode go on as it is scheduled to end its journey on 21st January 2022. Each episode has an average airing time of 45 to 55 minutes. 

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