Backflip!! Anime Movie: PV and New Key Visual Announced

Bakuten anime movie
Bakuten!! Anime Movie

2021 was a big year that produced several potential anime. The year brought forward anime from different genres and once again made us realize the superiority of the anime fandom. Among sports genre anime, one that particularly shines bright was the gymnastics-based anime, Backflip!! (バクテン!!, “Bakuten!!”). The beautiful animation and well-choreographed scenes melted many hearts. Within its first few episodes, the anime gained massive response from anime lovers all over the globe, as they claimed that it touched them on a personal level. Moreover, the relatable and likable characters of the anime make it all the more a treat to watch it. With its brilliant response, fans craved for more from the series, and to their joy, a new Bakuten!! anime movie was announced. As the hype continues, a Bakuten!! movie release date has been updated as well. 

Bakuten!! is an original anime that premiered in April 2021. It is created by Zexcs studios. The anime was directed by Seishirō Nagaya and Toshimasa Kuroyanagi alongside Toshizo Nemoto, who compiled the scripts of the anime. It further inspired a manga adaptation which was written and illustrated by Kei Sakuraba. The manga was published by Kodansha and serialized in Kodansha’s Dessert magazine. Following the success of the anime’s first season, its renewal has been in high demand. Although fans expected another season, Zexcs studios surprised the fandom with the announcement of the upcoming movie. Here is all we know about the Bakuten!! anime movie release date and more.

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The central character of the Bakuten!! anime is Shōtarō Futaba. Futaba loves sports and has always been inclined towards it despite not being too good at it. When he joins Ao High School, the first thing he sees is the school’s gymnastic group practicing in a park and then, later once again, performing on the stage. However, the team does not win as they lack in members despite giving a nearly flawless performance.

Swayed by the beauty in it, Futaba decides to join the gymnastic club and become a part of the Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics. On joining the meets prodigy gymnast Ryōya Misato. Finally, having a complete team, the Ao High School Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics team aims at winning the inter-high tournament. 

The first season focuses on the difficulties Futaba faces, being completely new to the sport. While the other members have been doing it for a long time, Futaba takes time to understand and learn gymnastics from scratch. As the story progresses, the anime also explores the pasts, thoughts, and emotions of the different characters of the anime.

Backflip!! Movie
Official illustration: Bakuten!!

Season 1 of Backflip!! ended with Ao High standing at second place after Shiro High with a 0.2 score difference. Futaba injures his wrist, and he is taken to the hospital. The season ended on a rather happy note with the team members cheering Futaba up as they feel more determined to do even better in the Inter high tournament and defeat Shiro High.

Backflip!! Movie Release Date

A Backflip!! anime movie was previously announced that has fans of the franchise looking forward to a delightful year. On 22 January 2022, it was announced that the Bakuten!! anime movie will be released in Japanese theatres in July 2022. No specific date has been announced as of yet. However, a visual key was updated to keep the fans intrigued. 

Voice actors of Ryōya Misato and Nagayoshi Onagawa, Kaito Ishikawa, and Hiro Shimono (respectively) came forward to promote the anime film’s production. 

Bakuten!! Movie
Official Key Visual: Backflip!! Anime Movie

Official Trailer

In addition to the big announcement, an official teaser trailer of Bakuten!! movie was uploaded to YouTube. The trailer featured several of the Ao High Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics team. Once again, the animation looks soothing and fitting to the elegant theme of the anime. 

Cast and Characters

There has been no announcement regarding any additional cast members. We expect all old voice casts to resume their role. Among the main characters, Kaito Ishikawa (Ryōya Misato), Shimba Tsuchiya (Shōtarō Futaba), Hiroshi Kamiya (Koutaro Watari), Hiro Shimono (Nagayoshi Onagawa), Takashi Kondou (Keisuke Tsukidate), and Daisuke Ono (Masamune Shichigahama) are confirmed to return for the Bakuten!! movie. 


Studio Zexcs is animating the anime movie. Toshimasa Kuroyanagi and Toshizo Nemoto are returning to direct it and write the scripts, respectively. The music of the Backflip!! anime movie is composed by Yuki Hayashi. 

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