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    Next Arc After Tournament Of Power In Dragon Ball Super – Explained

    Ever since the introduction of the Gods of Destruction and their Attendants that turned out to be Angel’s with even greater power surpassing the God’s of Destruction. Then with the introductions of Zeno the King of All, and The Great Priest himself I had a question that wouldn’t go away! What could Dragon Ball Super […]

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    Is Frieza Going To Become The Good Guy?

    After watching, and re-watching the past few episodes of Dragon Ball Super, and really paying attention to the happenings of Goku and Frieza a big question/wonder wouldn’t leave my mind… “Is Goku slowly changing Frieza?!”… Now I know this would be really hard to grasp, after all, it’s Frieza and all Frieza has ever known […]

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    Is This The Last Time We Will See Gohan?

    As I wander through posts, discussions, and other media referring to Dragon Ball one thing I see pretty much all the time is “Will this be the last time Gohan has his moment?”. Let us be real, up until the Tournament of Power was announced and Gohan came to the realization that “he needs to […]

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    Complete Version of Ultra Instinct Has Already Been Revealed

    Goku obtaining this new technique was ground breaking in the Dragon Ball Community! This new technique has single handed sparked so much speculation, debate, and theorizing on its own! The biggest question surrounding this new Ultra Instinct technique Goku was able to obtain in the newest episode is “is the technique complete?”. Looking back on […]

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    Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Majors Spoilers

    It’s always a big deal when we receive spoilers and leaks especially from such a reputable voice in the Dragon Ball Community, and Herms98 is as good as it gets!! If your not aware of who Herms98 is, I HIGHLY suggest checking him out on twitter, one of the best people for official leaks straight […]

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    New Dragon Ball Super Character or A New Form Is Coming?

    With Dragon Ball Super reaching the end of Dragon Ball Z, confirmed by the writers a lot of people have had the same question. “Is Super going to end when it reaches the end of Z?”. With recent releases, and leaks more so now thafn ever, the answer is looking to be no! S. H. […]

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    3 Ways Goku Can Master the Ultra Instinct Technique To Beat Jiren

    Ever since the second half of Episode 110, and saw Goku use that Ultra Instinct Technique and the reactions it received from the God’s of Destruction, the Angel’s and even the Great Priest himself, it got me thinking. I was wondering just how can Goku master this Ultra Instinct technique. That’s obviously the next limit […]