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    Is Piccolo Going To Die? – Explained

    Hey guys. Before you read this post let me warn you that this post consists of spoilers so if you don’t want to get spoiled, I suggest turning back now. Now let’s begin. We know that if there was one person who will cover Gohan every time there was a problem, it had to Piccolo. […]

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    Piccolo Can Save Everyone From Universe 6

    Hey guys. The Tournament of Power is moving towards its critical last stages and things are looking more serious than ever. In the most recent episode, there was the elimination of Ribrianne from Universe 2 and to be honest it was the best elimination in the arc. Best? Why? Obviously not because of her lame […]

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    The Real Reason Why Toppo and Dyspo Are Not Fighting Anyone At All

    Hey guys. The Tournament is moving swiftly towards the end. In the last two episodes, there have been a few eliminations. Previously we witnessed the elimination of Kale and Caulifla. They had fused together with the help of Potara Earrings. Their fusion led to the creation of Kefla, a super warrior. Goku’s long battle with […]

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    Whis’s Comments and Ultra Instinct Vegeta

    Hey guys. After the very good episode of Dragon Ball Super I’m here to discuss actually something spectacular. But let me just rejoice over the elimination of Ribrianne from Universe 2. It was freaking beautiful. The biggest nuisance in the Tournament of Power was finally knocked out by Android 18. Now swiftly moving forward towards […]

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    Dragon Ball Super Dropped A Big Hint On The Next Elimination

    Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super is moving at a steady pace towards the end of the Tournament of Power. After the recent episode, Dragon Ball Super fans are more than just excited to see which would be the next universe to be exterminated. So far, in the series Universe 9 and 10 have kicked the […]

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    DBS Director Answered One Of The Biggest Question About DBS Anime

    Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super has become one of the most popular anime shows ever since its release. Every week fans are kept on the edge with the thrill that the next episode might bring. However, you would be shocked to know how much time it actually takes to reach our screens. Recently in an […]

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    Akira Toriyama Reveals What Inspired Him To Create Black Gokū

    Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super fans won’t forget the amazing Future Truncks because of Black Gokū. It was arguably the best arc till date in Dragon Ball Super. The main reason behind the huge success of this arc was Black Gokū. He is probably the most coolest villain in the series so far. Recently Toriyama […]

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    Dragon Ball Super 117 Leaked Photos, Vegeta Under Attack?

    Hey guys. I have got big news before the release of Dragon Ball Super episode 117. Like every other week, we have got the leaked photos of the new episode that will air tomorrow. From the looks of it, the episode is going to be lit. As we had already got the hint that Vegeta […]

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    Sean Schemmel Talks About The Future Dragon Ball Movies

    Hey guys. There are not many things that the Dragon Ball fans would want to forget but there is actually one thing that most of the Dragon Ball fans would want to forget and that is the Dragon Ball movie. Hollywood gave Akira Toriyama’s franchise a live-action adaptation and it wasn’t so long ago. The film proved […]

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    Jiren and Toppo’s Relationship, Why Jiren Follows Toppo? Explained

    Hey guys. I’m back with another post about Dragon Ball Super and this time I’ll be solely concentrating on two fighters from Universe 11. This post contains spoilers from Dragon Ball Super, so please read ahead at your own risk. Now that I have made myself clear let’s move forward. The two characters which are […]