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  • one piece manga chapter 894
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    ‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 894 Spoilers

    One Piece Manga Chapter 894 Major Spoilers Spoilers By YonkoProduction Chapter starts with a flashback of Luffy and Rayleigh Luffy is training with Silvers Rayleigh to learn observation Haki, but he ends up striking their food rations which upsets Rayleigh. Luffy is blindfolded and he uses an armament on a stick to knock Luffy out. […] More

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    Dragon Ball Super Just Revealed Vegeta’s New Form’s Name

    Dragon Ball Super lately has revealed a name for Vegeta’s new transformation. A form that advances beyond the regular SSJ Blue, the form looks quite similar to it. The hair, the eyes, and the aura represent a more extreme blue color associated with the usual Super Saiyan Blue. This form was first obtained by Vegeta […] More

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    Is This Roronoa Zoro’s Real Identity?

    Zoro is the first mate of the Strawhat Luffy. He is a talented swordsman, who desires his name to be recognized throughout the world. Roronoa Zoro’s back-story rotated around his relationship with Kuina, and how he developed his desire, but it was never stated on where he came from, he arrived in front of Koshiro […] More

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    The Real Reason Why Zoro Can use Demon Attacks

    As some of you know Oda worked as an assistant on different anime and manga before going out on his personal. One of these series he worked on is Rurouni Kenshin. In this series, the Swordsman spirit was a very significant thing. Also, Haki and spirit are primarily the same words, some subtitles say Spirit […] More

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    How Kaido Became The Strongest Living Creature

    Many theorists have come up with the idea that Kaido is a Typhon fruit eater. I think Gekko Moriah’s crew is a foreshadow of Kaido’s crew. Kaido desires an all devil fruit user crew but essentially it looks he wants Zoans. Kaido is named The King Of Beasts/100 beast Kaido. The Typhon in Greek mythology is recognized as the father of all creatures. In Moriah’s crew, we saw […] More

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    How Vegeta Countered Toppo’s Hakai

    In Episode 125,  when Beerus says it’s Hakai energy depending on the position he can encircle himself with the energy of destruction. Then we see the rock in the arena get destroyed just by touching Toppo. Krillin horrified “then it’s impossible to directly damage him.” Vegeta grasped that he couldn’t play around with God Of Destruction […] More

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    Four Characters Who Can Beat Blackbeard

    Blackbeard is now considered one of the strongest characters in the series so far, but despite having two powerful Devil Fruits, there are some characters who can match him and beat him. 4. Shanks Shanks is one of the most fearless and most powerful characters. He’s fought with Whitebeard and Kaido, and he also protected Coby by […] More

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    How Shanks Easily Stopped Another Yonko – Explained

    Shanks, the man who one-handedly stopped The Marineford War, But how did he prevent Kaido from attending the War? Kaido was stopped by Red Hair Shanks, a day before the Marineford War. Now, it is revealed that the two had a short encounter, and nothing significant happened. But, looking at Kaido’s character, do you actually […] More

  • Monkey D Luffy Reverse Gear 5
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    One Piece Just Revealed Luffy’s Most Badass New Powers

    One Piece Chapter 893 just came out, and it was pretty hard to believe. In the last chapter, we saw Luffy and Katakuri fighting and Luffy gets stabbed by Katakuri’s Three Forks Spear and the chapter ends. One Piece chapter 893 begins with a flashback. Luffy remembers back to when Rayleigh showed him how to use […] More