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    Ultra Instincts Is Coming Again Third Time

    The ‘Tournament of Power’ arc is going strong on Dragon Ball Super, After taking on Jiren, Goku debuted the strange power-up in episode 109. It was in the fight of Goku and Jiren that we saw it. It was one of the most amazing fights that we’ve seen so far in Dragon Ball Super. In […]

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    Lightning God Enel Is Returning

    Enel first appeared at Skypiea arc, as the God of Skypiea. He possessed the power of Goro Goro no Mi, which is a Logia type of Devil Fruit, which can control lightning and even produce it. Being a Logia, it gave Enel the powers to turn into lightning as well. Enel is a Birkan, But […]

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    New Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Images Revealed

    According to DBS episode 116 Spoiler, it just says Kefla powers up, not that she beats Goku or even fights him evenly. Only that she powers up, Powering up doesn’t like matching in power. For all, we know Kefla vs. Ultra Instincts Goku will go the precise same way as Goku vs. Jiren but with Goku […]

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    Gohan’s Alternate Design Revealed

    Gohan had a unique hairstyle to everyone else; he should’ve retained it. So when he becomes SSJ1, we didn’t know if it was SSJ1 or SSJ2 unless we saw the electric sparks in his aura. Gohan practically looks the same as the base but blonde. Alternate design by Toriyama for Buu Saga Gohan In the […]

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    No One Noticed That Jiren Is Breaking The Rule

    After Goku attempts flying and fails Whis states the arena is controlled so abilities like Flight cannot be used. Given Grand Priest made the stage is fair to assume he made it that way. The Grand priest probably had his stage built in a way that all ki users were nullified of their capacity to […]

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    Whis And Beerus Did Something Strange When Ultra Instinct Returned

    Kefla fires a barrage of power blasts at Goku to assure her victory, but things didn’t go as she thinks. Goku began to glow silver and succeeded to avoid all of the Ki blasts. Everyone is stunned. Kefla believes it is a fluke and attacks again. Goku dodges all of the strikes once more with his […]

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    Jiren Is Finally Awake But Goku [Spoiler]

    In the most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super, Kefla starts to go into a berserk mode. Though Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and counterattacks, Kefla’s destructive attack is intense. Goku returns from Super Saiyan Blue to his regular state, but on closer inspection, his eyes shine silver?! However, the time is here, and […]

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    2 Biggest Threat Beside Jiren, Goku and Kefla

    Last 19 minutes of Tournament is left, and most of the unwanted warriors are eliminated. Strongest Warriors in Tournament of Power so far. Jiren:- Jiren is the warrior that is supposed to be stronger than God of Destruction Belmod. Kefla:- Kefla is a fusion of two most powerful warrior of universe 6, Caulifla and Kale.  […]

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    Universe 4’s Secret Weapon That Will Cause Big Trouble To Everyone

    During the span of time leading up to the Tournament of power, Universe 4’s God of Destruction was very active. Quitela turned Universe 9 to attack Frieza before the Tournament of Power, as well as try and convince the other universes to team-up upon Universe 7. However, since that point, Universe 4 has been entirely […]