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  • Mob Psycho 100 season 2
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    Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 Reveals Trailer 2 And Opening Song

    ONE’s Mob Pycho 100 season 2 revealed its second trailer recently. It also previewed the second season’s opening and ending theme song. The second trailer also shows more of what’s about to appear in the second season. Will Mob finally get Tsubomi-chan’s attention? Or will he destroy the whole world with his powerful psychic power? […] More

  • Eden's Zero Chapter 24

    Eden’s Zero Chapter 24 – Shiki VS Jhin Part 2

    Things get more interesting in the previous chapter of Eden’s Zero. Weisz suddenly turned his hand against the mysterious Homura and showed how dangerous he can be when he tried to using his ether gear. Meanwhile, everyone on the Rogue Out, especially Sister, is still on the planet. Shiki and Jhin are also heading for […] More

  • Black Clover Episode 62

    Black Clover Episode 62 – Those Who Boost Each Other

    In the previous episode of Black Clover, Asta and Mars managed to save Fana from something that was done to him by Licht. In the end, everyone was victorious against the Eye of the Midnight Sun and the Diamond Kingdom’s attack. The Black Bulls defeated another member of the Three Eyes. However, they seem to […] More

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    Are We Going To See The Last Bleach Arc Animated?

    Bleach is one of the most popular anime and manga series in both Japan and the west. The anime ended in 2014 while the manga ended in 2016. Bleach manga ended with 686 chapters while the anime ended with 366 episodes. A lot of anime-only viewers accepted the ending and went on with their lives. […] More

  • My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 11

    My Hero Academia Chapter 210 Expectations – Shinso And Monoma Strategy

    You can tell just by the ending of the last chapter that something will happen in One For All quirk. Shinso seems to be foreshadowed to do something in this round. It seems like, with the awakened memories of the former OFA owners, All For One also has something stirring for him. Will Deku get […] More

  • Dragon Ball Super Gogeta

    Dragon Ball Super Broly Reveals All Gogeta Forms

    The official release of Dragon Ball Super Broly is just a week away. On December 14, the biggest and most hyped fight in the whole Dragon Ball Super series (aside from Goku VS Jiren) will finally land in theaters in Japan. But before its arrival, another spoiler was out and this time, this is again […] More

  • Boruto Episode 85

    Boruto Episode 85 – Sekki And Boruto Unites, Shikadai In Trouble

    More and more about Mitsuki’s arc are being unveiled by Boruto and his friends. It was revealed that Ohnoki made Kuu and the others using his cells, that’s why they are not the same as the other mindless Akutas. What’s even worse, at least for Boruto, is that he need to find a pebble in […] More

  • Jojo Golden Wind Episode 10

    JoJo Golden Wind Episode 10 – Hitman Team

    In the previous episode of JoJo Golden Wind, Narancia was pitted against Formaggio, a member of Passione who wants to get Trish, the Boss’ daughter. Formaggio’s stand, Little Feet, makes him and everything he cut shrink over time. Because of this, Narancia started to shrink late in the previous episode. In JoJo Golden Wind episode […] More