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    10 Hit Adult Anime You Totally Need It – UPDATE

    Today I have made a list of 10 most exciting adult anime that you should definitely be watching this year! Enjoy! 10. Highschool DxD- The classic adult anime will be getting a fourth season,  probably this year. 9. Citrus- Yuzuko Aihara, a high school girl whose main interests are fashion, friends, and having fun, is […] More

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    Naruto’s Creator Kishimoto On Killing Of Main Naruto Characters

    As we know Naruto Anime recently finished and manga ended almost 3 years ago, so the story is sticking to Naruto’s son Boruto Uzumaki, but it looks like Masashi Kishimoto creator of Naruto wouldn’t mind if a ubiquitous Naruto character was killed off.    Kishimoto isn’t the one behind Boruto manga or the anime itself, but he […] More

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    10 Mature Anime Series To Watch When You Are Alone

    N**ity? Blood? Gore? Intense fighting scenes?! This list is going to show some of the most intense scenes and These Mature anime are totally not for kids. 10. Basilisk (2005) The Bloody tale of star crossed lovers. The series describes a lot of historical Japanese events during the Edo-period and definitely does not hold back on the violence. […] More

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    Naruto Creator Reveals The Real Reason Why He Killed Neji Hyuga

    When Neji died and sacrificed himself to save Hinata who was getting ready to sacrifice her life to save Naruto from a Juubi spear, it was all planned. Like the fanbase has suspected but couldn’t believe, Neji’s death wasn’t an accident. The speculations and fan created stories have led to the truth that I am […] More

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    All 8 Rasengan Users In Naruto Anime

    Rasengan was created by 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze and it was his original technique and he created it after observing tailed beast bomb, it doesn’t require any hand sign and is one of the strongest technique in Naruto. There are many variants of Rasengan, such as Sage Art Massive Rasengan, RasenShuriken and many more. 8. […] More

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    10 Highly Anticipated Upcoming Anime And Manga Of 2018

    In this list, I have put the anime that will be coming out in 2018. Some of these anime are really exciting and worth looking forward. Let’s begin. 10. Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen The manga takes place when Sakura graduates from Tomoeda Elementary School and is in her first year of junior high school. Sakura […] More

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    Naruto Creator Reveals Why Naruto Ended Up With Hinata, Not Sakura

    Naruto fanbase has always been largely divided over who Naruto Uzumaki should’ve ended up with. While Naruto did end up with Hinata Hyuga, fans were left dismayed by the fact that Naruto and Sakura pairing actually never materialized. Instead, Sakura was shipped with Sasuke Uchiha, the guy she had been chasing for an eternity. Kishimoto […] More

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    BAD NEWS for Vegeta In Tournament of Power

    Dragon Ball Super 118 just finished airing in Japan and it was so intense a lot happened, however we will be talking about Vegeta in this post and you might not like it, spoilers ahead so read at your own risk. Dragon Ball Super 119 is titled “New Casualty from Universe 7! True ability of […] More

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    New Dragon Ball Super 118 Leaked Images And Spoilers

    Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power is entering the final stages now, with 17 minutes to go, whatever follows from here on out is going to be really important. We’ve already seen most fodder characters get eliminated, and we’ve seen Universe 9 and Universe 10 get erased as well. There are still a couple of […] More