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    The Real Reason Why Universe 6 Saiyans Can Achieve SSJ Forms Faster

    Universe 6 and Universe 7 are twin Universes and thus, they have the same races as well. However, the history, and the current standing of both the Universes is pretty different. Universe 6 was introduced to us way back when Champa first appeared, and later, we got to see a Tournament where Cabba first appeared. […]

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    New Official Images of Ultra Instinct Goku Revealed!

    Hey everyone! Today, I’m gonna be talking about Ultra Instinct Goku. Goku’s Ultra Instinct appeared for the first time during the One-Hour Special of Dragon Ball Super, where Goku fought against Jiren. After getting battered by Jiren, Goku was finally able to tap into his real potential, thanks to the Spirit Bomb. After that, Goku […]

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    The Strongest Warrior Jiren’s Real Intentions

    Jiren is by far the strongest warrior we have seen in Dragon Ball Universe beside Gods. If he wants he can literally eliminate everyone and be done with it, but what’s stopping him? We will be taking a look into a theory written by coldcoffee83. – Why does Jiren not simply knock everyone off the […]

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    The One Big Weakness Of Ultra Instinct Goku

    Ultra Instinct is one of the most Overpowered abilities we’ve seen in Dragon Ball Super, and it was first revealed by Whis, who taught it to Goku, and after that, to Goku and Vegeta as well. While Vegeta has not been able to use this technique so far, Goku has grasped a hold of it, […]

  • Jiren stronger than beerus

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    Is Jiren Really Stronger Than Beerus? – Explained

    Jiren is a member of the Pride Troopers form Universe 11, and he has recently been the center of a lot of focus. Jiren’s fight with Goku explained a lot of stuff to us, and more importantly, we got a taste of how strong he was. It was revealed that Jiren is actually much more […]

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    Is Hit Really Eliminated or He’s Coming Back? – Explained

    Hit was one of the main fighters in the Tournament of Power, and he was, without a doubt, the strongest warrior that Universe 6 had. But, he’s not there anymore. In the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super, Hit was up against Jiren, and Jiren absolutely battered him. Although Hit did do well against him, […]