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  • Scariest Video Games



    10 Scariest Video Games Ever Made

    Today we bring you our Top 10 Scariest Video Games! These games are for a wide variety of consoles such as XBOX, Playstation and PC. We hope you enjoy our list and if you’d like to see another top 10 be sure to comment your Top 10 Idea below to see it made! Lets get […]

  • Best video games


    Top 10 Most Hyped Video Games Of 2017

    A lot of games are coming out in 2017, which has got us waiting on our toes. Of course not all of us are waiting for the same game. So, today I have made a list of the 10 Best Video Games that are coming out in 2017 or have already been released. So, it’s […]

  • Blue whale suicide game


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    Government Bans The Game That Has Caused More Than 50 Suicides

    The Blue Whale Game has been doing rounds on Social Media recently, and you’re probably aware of it by now. For those of you who don’t know, it is said to be a game that involves a bunch of sinister challenges one is our through, with increasing difficulty, and ultimately the only way to “win” […]

  • Cancelled Video Games


    10 Cancelled Video Games That Would Have Made Millions

    Video Games are often threatened with a possibility to get cancelled. There is a tonne of games that would’ve been very successful in the gaming industry, but weren’t, simply because they just got cancelled. I myself have been hyped for games to come numerous times, but in the end, there’s just bitter disappointment. Here’s a […]

  • Super Saiyan God


    Possible Third Super Saiyan God In Tournament Of Power

    Super Saiyan God is an ascended state of Super Saiyan, which lets a Saiyan utilize God Ki, even if they’re mortals. Super Saiyan God was just a myth, until Beerus actually came looking for one. Later, upon asking Shenron, it was revealed that if five pure hearted Saiyans put those soul into a 6th Saiyan, […]

  • half life 3 release date

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    The Real Reason Why Half Life 3 Will Never Happen – Explained

    Half-Life 3 is probably one of the most awaited game ever. By now, many of us have made peace with the fact that it will never happen, but some people are still hopeful. But, I’ve only got bad news for the hopeful ones. Half-Life 3, and along with it long-awaited Half-Life 2: Episode Three, have […]

  • real life video game characters


    Crazy Fans Discovered Real Life Video Game Characters

    Many of you might not know that many video characters are inspired by real life people. There are actually quite a lot of them. So, today I have made a list of video game characters inspired by real life people.. Tidus (Final Fantasy 10) & Meg Ryan (lots of films) Robert (The Last of Us) […]