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‘Attack On Titan Season 3’ Release Date, Trailer, News And More

Attack on titan season 3

Hajime Isayama’s Shingeki no Kyojin is definitely one of the hottest manga series right now. The anime is just as good, and has now been picking up pace consistently, it seems. Last year, we got a Season 2 for the anime after a long hiatus.

Fans worried that the same will happen this time, and that we would have to wait a long time before getting to see Attack on Titan Season 3, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. We even have ample information on Attack on Titan Season 3, and here’s what we know so far. Attack on Titan season 3 will see the continuation of the clash between the Survey Corps, and the Titans. When it comes to the anime, we haven’t gotten into major details regarding the existence of Titans which the manga has covered extensively. But we’re definitely getting there. In the upcoming season, we are going to explore that, and more.

Attack on titan season 3
Attack On Titan Season 3 First Visual

Recently, Attack on Titan series director made a few comments on the upcoming season, and he gave us an idea of what to expect from Season 3 of the anime. His statement about what to expect once the third season arrives this year is included in the special interview clip from season 2’s Blu-ray release.

“Pay attention to those that are finally revealed to be Titans in season 2 and how their fates are settled. We want to watch it soon, so I hope you all look forward to it,” Araki said.

Attack on titan season 3
Attack On Titan Fanart

Araki mentions that the fates of the Titans revealed in Season 2 will be settled this year, and i am very excited for this, since this is widely considered to be the most exciting part of the manga. I’m curious to see what Wit Studio will do with it, and how they’re going to handle the events. Thanks to Key Visuals, we also know that Levi’s past will be explored in Season 3 of the anime. Kenny the Ripper will also be making his debut in the 3rd Season, and that’s all the more reason to get hyped!

According to multiple sources, Attack on Titan Season 3 will air in the Summer of 2018; most likely July. There is some waiting that we have to do to get there, but the upcoming season is gonna be worth it. So, hang tight, guys! What are your thoughts on Attack on Titan Season 3? Let me know in the comments section below!

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