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Attack on Titan Final Season To Air Episodes 14 & 15 Together

Attack on Titan Final Season experienced delays in broadcasting last week when Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14 was interrupted. This was because of an earthquake that happened in Japan and had affected the production of the episode. About 18 minutes of the episode broadcasted before an announcement cut the episode short. So fans only got to see a portion of the episode, and now news came in that the anime will be continuing as usual. The difference is that this time we will get the full Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14 together with Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 15. More news on the delay of episode 14: Why was Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14 delayed?

Attack on Titan The final season will continue with its usual schedule this week, and we all cant wait to see how Zeke’s confrontation with Levi ended. We have already seen that Levi defeated Zeke in his beast titan form, and Zeke now appears helpless. On the other hand, Eren is also on his way to Zeke. But he has not yet identified Zeke’s location. So it will be only a few minutes of episode 14 left, and that will probably be about five more minutes.

It’s a good thing that we won’t have to wait for another week, but this time we will get both episodes at once. The remaining scene of Attack on Titan The Final Season Episode 14 will serve as a build-up to episode 15. And with only two episodes left for the anime to end. Then the remaining scenes will be mostly fighting. Attack on Titan Episode 14 & 15 will release on Sunday JST and be available for streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll with English subtitles.

Attack on Titan The Final Season Episode 14 Was Cut Short

We already know about the news of Attack on Titan The Final Season Episode 14 delays that have made headlines since last Sunday. Most fans wondered what this means. And the worst possible case would be for the anime to go on a hiatus right after it has reached this deciding moment. Luckily, the earthquake’s damage was not that big, and the production team returned to their work with minimal delays. So this time, we still get Attack on Titan The Final Season Episode 15 within its originally scheduled time.

Attack on Titan Season 4

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 14

Since episode 14 was almost at its end, then we did not miss that much. We already saw Zeke trying to escape, but now we know that Levi managed to stop him. And now that Zeke went and pulled a stunt like that. Then he will be cautious with him. He even went as far as severing his limbs. But what we are not sure about at this point is what Levi intends to do with Zeke. He has plans to have someone from his squad consume Zeke. But he was saving that for later.

It looks like everyone else has already transformed into a titan due to Zeke’s actions. All the conditions are met, and since Levi is already pissed, we can’t be sure what he will do with Zeke. Eren’s impending appearance is also building a lot of pressure on the fans. We can’t wait to see him use the Warhammer powers since he currently possesses the powers of three titans, of which two are at his immediate disposal.

We are waiting for now for Eren to appear before Zeke and find out what he wanted to talk to him about that. Hopefully, Eren will make it in time before Levi can lose his temper and feed Zeke to someone else because that might create some delays considering that only two episodes remain at this moment. It will be a sight not to forget when the final battle finally happens, and then we get to see the rumbling taking place.

And most importantly, how Eren intends to use the Warhammer in battle. Eren seems to have mastered the Titan’s powers and fully understands how they work. This would explain why he immediately managed to find the Warhammer weaknesses and defeated them. Then after that, he still managed to find a way to break its crystals from just observing the jaw titan in a fight. For now, let’s look forward to how the anime will conclude, as it seems like there is a lot of important stuff that will happen in the last two episodes.