Attack On Titan Chapter 110 – Eren Escapes, Will Levi Die?

Attack On Titan chapter 110 is going to be explosive and full of tension. Eren decided that its time to get out of that cell, and it seems like enemies are already inside Paradis. What’s more bothersome is that Levi’s death might become a possibility in the next chapters. With one important person dying in this chapter, there is no more doubt that Paradis is in real danger.

Attack On Titan Chapter 110 – Eren’s Jailbreak

The first pages of Attack On Titan chapter 110 will be Zeke’s flashback with Pieck and two other masked accomplices. It seems like Zeke can get his spinal fluid as a gas. When he screams, all the people will turn into Titans. After the flashback, Zeke is back in the current timeline with Levi inside the forest. The two are sharing dinner, but neither are happy about that fact.

Another scene, which seems to be a flashback, was seen again with Pixis and Yelena. The two are talking about something while a cloaked figure is hiding. That cloaked figure is revealed to be Eren. In what it seems to be a present time, Onyakopon and Hange are having a snack together. But they seem to have a disagreement later on as Hange seems to have her tantrum on his face.

Armin was first seen in Annie’s chamber again, trying to touch the crystal. But Hitch will appear and startle him. He will then be seen next in the administration building where he and Mikasa came to see Eren. They encounter Zachly, which seems like he’s distracted into something. Suddenly, an explosion was heard, and Zachly’s body was seen thrown out the window. Later, Eren was seen meeting with Flocke and his group.

Attack On Titan chapter 110

Eren and co. are trying to find Zeke’s whereabouts. It seems like Eren has totally out of the Survey Corps and this might confirm about Zeke and Eren’s suspected plans. This would be a bad news for Levi as he is still loyal to Hange and the Survey Corps’ plans and will try to stop whatever Eren and Zeke will be doing. If that’s the case, he will need to fight the two brothers and Eren’s group to get out alive.

Meanwhile, Hange, Armin, Mikasa, and Onyakopon were seen in a carriage, looking worried. On their way, they passed a hooded woman reading a newspaper. That woman is Pieck, which confirms that the Marleyan forces are already inside Paradis.

That’s it for Attack On Titan chapter 110 spoilers. We will give you more updates as soon as it gets available.

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