Attack On Titan 105 – Bulletproof

Attack On Titan 105 was released earlier in the Korean version, AOT 105 spoilers are really huge and you might wanna stop reading further if you don’t want to get spoiled. One of the main characters just died in Shingeki No Kyojin 105.

Thanks to Redditor u/UnavailableUsername_, we have detailed analysis of the latest Attack On Titan manga chapter.

Attack On Titan 105 – Confirmed Spoilers

Implied revelations of Attack On Titan chapter 105:

  • Eren shared the connection of the founding powers and the royal blood with the survey corps. Kind of obvious now, but last time we saw Paradis, Eren realized the catalyst when he activated the founding powers for the first time was touch Dina when she was a mindless titan, but didn’t share this information with the Governing authorities of Paradis nor with Historia.
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Eren Yeager – SNK 105
  • Paradis Army has changed: No more garrison needed, now only the scouts and the normal police are composed Paradis military. I guess the survey corps are happy to get lots of new soldiers transferred from the eliminated divisions. Also, now they are officially the New Eldian Empire.

Zeke’s plan was revealed:

  • Zeke is the mastermind behind everything: Zeke’s plan, part 1: Zeke was spying the Tybur family and sending info to Paradis. Think about it, the one that came up with the idea of uniting the world against Paradis was Willy, Marley officials knew nothing about it. Only Magath only knew about it some days before the festival and the world knew about it on the day of the festival. Spying only military higher-ups wouldn’t have given him this information, he had to be spying the Tyburs to know of the invasion and rely on it to Paradis.
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Zeke Yeager – Shingeki No Kyojin 105
  • Zeke is the mastermind behind everything: Zeke’s plan, part 2: Zeke has been relaying information while Marley was on war with the Union of Middle East to prepare for the upcoming attack. He convinced Yellena to help his cause and was the one that contacted Paradis for the first time. The infiltration started after the end of the war with the Middle East. We know Eren managed to infiltrate while Eldian troops were returning and his aim was to cripple Marley military to gain time, he had to gain time for what (prevent a world invasion against Paradis).
  • Zeke is the mastermind behind everything: Zeke’s plan, part 3: The words of Hange confirm it, it was Zeke’s plan, all of this (kind of). We have to guess the details here because it seems Eren’s actions weren’t completely part of the plan. I guess the original plan was to incapacitate the Cart and the Jaws while the corps made an appearance during the play, bombing buildings and killing soldiers and generals. Meanwhile, Eren kept Reiner trapped so Zeke’s beast would be the only shifter available to fight them with ranged rock attacks. In the end Zeke would have fallen in battle thanks to Levi and the survey corps in the eyes of the world (Levi kills him, explodes the body while he escapes with Zeke), ending the whole mission with the escape in the zeppelin while Armin destroys their Navy so no one can take down the zeppelin. However, Eren using himself as a bait hoping the Warhammer would appear trying to recover his founding titan was not part of the plan.

Attack On Titan 105 Aftermath

  • Eren’s bet positive side: It seems the original plan of Zeke was just to take down the higher-ups, the navy and smuggle him to Paradis. Eren’s interference decreased Marley’s titans by 2 while they were supposed to just lose 1 titan (Beast), plus Marley lost all the shifter candidates.
Attack On Titan 105
Potato Girl – AOT 105
  • Eren’s bet negative side: Survey corps died because of the Cart turrets. Sasha died because of Eren’s plan. They lost a skilled and valuable ally, plus a long-time friend. Even Mikasa, who was pretty indifferent to Sasha in the training academy, was bawling after seeing she died. They lost an important comrade and friend on this mission.
  • Marley dire situation: Marley lost all the shifter successors with 1 year or less before the current ones die, now they pressed to somehow train 3 fitting loyal candidates in a ridiculously small amount of time, and without Zeke they can’t do mindless titan attacks like they did to win the war against the middle east union. So not only they lost their war chief shifter, but the mindless army as a war weapon. If other nation wanted to take down Marley, this would be a great moment, without a commanding chain, Navy and their best Titan they stand a chance to beat them.
  • Life hates Reiner: His only motivation in life was protect the next generation. Now that 2 are confirmed dead and 2 missing in action, he has very little hope for the future. Even worse, he will most likely see himself as responsible for this because he wasn’t able to take down Eren after he killed he Warhammer.

You cannot download Attack On Titan 105, but you can read it online, we will update this part when Attack On Titan Chapter 105 English translations are available.

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