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‘Ask Us Anything’ 2021 Episode 35: Release Date, Preview, Spoilers & Where To Watch?

Ask Us Anything- Minzy performing
Ask Us Anything- Minzy performing

The longest-running variety show is back with a new fun episode. After F4, we saw famous music icons CL and MC in the last episode. “Ask Us Anything” is a variety show that has gone overboard with entertaining its audience. When the South Korean fencing team “F4” made an appearance on the show, the cast was hilarious. And the players and the “Ask Us Anything” members even fenced together. When you watch the show, all you get are happy vibes and wish you could be a part of the show. But watching our favorite celebrities attend is a good enough experience. The director of the “Ask Us Anything” show is  Yoo Woon Hyuk. And he has made this epic show along with his writers and producers. If you wish to watch the latest episodes of “Ask Us Anything,” make sure to read the “Ask Us Anything” 2021 episode 35 release date article.

The question that many people struggle with is where they can watch the “Ask Us Anything” show? As the sources are different for the South Korean and international fans. In this article, you will find the information about “Ask Us Anything” 2021 episode 35 release date, recap, and where to watch it. Some of the other South Korean variety shows that have gained popularity along with “Ask Us Anything” are “Running Man,” “Two Days One Night,” and “Heart Signal”. But among all the variety shows, “Ask Us Anything” is among the few that started back in 2015. In its recent episode, CL and MC Minzy were invited to the show. They were wearing school clothes. Let’s find out what happened in this article.

‘Ask Us Anything’ 2021 Episode 34 Recap

After the appearance of the hero team F4, it is time to have more fun with another group. This time the “Ask Us Anything” invited CL and MC Minzy. The music icons were all set to have fun on the variety show. Also, CL vowed to tighten the lagging K-hip hop brand. And she will start with MC and Minzy.

For the people who don’t know, CL is a South Korean rapper, singer, and also songwriter. Whereas, Shin Dong-Hyun also known as MC Minzy, is a hip-hop singer. He is one of the most famous hip-hop artists in the country. Both of them have released new songs and came to “Ask Us Anything” to promote their new projects. His real name is Gong Min-Ji. The “Ask Us Anything” previous episode was filled with games and fun because of these people.

Ask Us Anything 2021 episode 35

Ask Us Anything 2021 episode 35

The episode started with the cast having a conversation among themselves. And then entered our hip-hop stars MC and CL. They gave an introduction of themselves. MC was enthusiastic and said that he has transferred from “Overtaking the hip-hop scene”. And when he started repeating don’t laugh it became even funnier. Then CL started her introduction, saying that she is the baddest female. And everyone charted chanting, CL! CL! CL! Then everyone joined in a hip-hop rap rumble. The students of the class, as well as the transfer students, showed their talent.

MC Minzy tries to dance

In one of the “Ask Us Anything” previous episodes, a member of a musician group danced amazingly. And this time, MC was challenged by a cast member to do the same instead of giving a transfer application. When MC tries to follow the steps of the cast member, he is lost, and the scene is hilarious. Then they went to CL. It was the rapper’s first time on the show. But everyone assumed that she wasn’t nervous because she is CL. But the truth was that she was nervous.

Also, she mentioned that this was the first time she had appeared on a variety show. And the funny part was even though she was there with MC. She felt like she was alone on the show. When asked why did MC Minzy returned to hip-hop, he answered that he never left. And he shared a recent experience where he visited hangout with Yoo, and he was dressed as an old character of his named Mr. Jung. And this got people very intrigued and interested. Finally, we saw MC Minzy perform on his new release, “I say woo!”.

‘The Baddest Female’ by CL


Still from the episode

Another performance that we saw was by CL. The rapper performed her recent song “The baddest female”. If you haven’t heard the song yet, you should. The song is amazing and will blow your mind. Also, “The baddest female” will be the perfect addition to your Korean song playlist. The song was produced by Teddy Park and was in the 4th position on the Gaon digital list. Also, “The baddest female” won the best dance performance- female solo award at Mnet Asian Music Awards. While she was performing her new song on the show, everyone was dancing and enjoying. And it was quite evident that everyone on the show adored CL. Whereas they made fun of Minzy. But it was all in good faith. And everyone had a good time.

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It’s all about Juggling

The next activity that MC Minzy performed was juggling scarves. The topic came up when the cast member said that Jun-ha showed them incredible strength during his last visit. And that he upgraded juggling. The team brought soccer balls, juggling balls, and scarves to the set. And surprisingly, we don’t know why but there were apples too. MC did an amazing job at juggling the small balls. He even made a double-throw while juggling. Then he switched it to one soccer ball and two small balls, and again it was flawless. Finally, the singer juggled the scarves, and everyone was impressed. Also, he compared him to a bear juggling at night as a joke. If you find this article entertaining, make sure to note down the “Ask Us Anything” 2021 episode 35 release date because the next episode will come with the same energy.

“Ask Us Anything” 2021 episode 35 Release Date

Ask Us Anything 2021 Episode 35 will be released on 23rd November 2021, internationally. The South Korean variety show has been out there since 2015. Also, the show has completed more than 300 episodes. When we talk about the release date it is different for South Korean and international fans. This is because the “Ask Us Anything” show is broadcast on television in South Korea. But international fans can catch the latest episodes on the OTT platform. So, the “Ask Us Anything” 2021 episode 35 release date is 23rd November 2021 for international fans. The release date is to be noted by the international fans. And we will tell you on which OTT platform you can watch it on.

For South Korean fans the “Ask Us anything” episode 307 will be released on 20th November 2021. Fans of “Ask Us Anything” must notice that the content of the episodes may vary due to differences in release date schedules. But the fun will be the same. So make sure not to miss the latest episodes of the “Ask Us Anything” variety show.

Ask Us Anything episode 34

Ask Us Anything Episode 34

Where to watch “Ask Us Anything” 2021 Episode 35?

“Ask Us Anything” variety show has had many famous people on their show and made us laugh till our stomachs hurt. And to share these laughs with more fans, we will tell you where you can watch the latest episodes of “Ask Us Anything”. In South Korea, the “Ask Us Anything” variety show is broadcast by the JTBS channel network. So the people living in South Korea do not have to subscribe to any external platform to watch the show.

For the international fans, the good news is along with many amazing shows, and now they can also watch “Ask Us Anything” on Netflix. And “Ask Us Anything” 2021 episode 35 release date is also mentioned on Netflix. For this, all you have to do is make an account on Netflix, then log in through your account. And you can proceed to the payment option. Finally, you will be all set to stream “Ask Us Anything” 2021 episodes.

Another subscription platform to watch “Ask Us Anything” is Rakuten Viki. It is a platform with the widest variety of Asian dramas. The steps to subscribe are the same for this platform as well. So make sure you don’t miss the “Ask Us Anything” 2021 episode 35 release date because the upcoming episode is going to be even more fun.

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