Arrow Season 7: Air Date, Spoilers


Finally some good news for Arrow fans. Season 7 of Arrow is coming out on October 15; though the show is showing signs of losing its momentum. It has been alleged by fans that the past couple of seasons of Arrow were not “good enough” and afflicted with terrible writing and no character development. Contrasted with the first and second season, the last couple of seasons felt as if the show was taking the path of least resistance. Terrible emotional scenes — with well no emotion, half episodes filled with dialogues and scenes that serve no purpose whatsoever except to act as fillers.

While Season 6 left the audience with a big cliff-hanger, the villain apparently survived, the world found out about Oliver Queen’s alter ego, and he went to prison without any due process whatsoever leaving the diehard fans of the show devastated.

But fret not fans, for some major changes are underway. Wendy Mericle who has been the showrunner will be stepping down, and Beth Schwartz will be stepping in. Also, the series co-creator Marc Guggenheim will serve as executive consultant. It is being touted that Schwartz has amazing things in store for fans.

Does it signal that the favorite fan show is going back to the roots of dark and gritty scenarios? It is even being claimed that upcoming season is so gritty to the extent that CW network censors had to be calmed down. In an interview to Zimbio show producer James Bradford said that “In the premiere, you will find some elements with the Season 1 feel,” he said, “but you will find other elements that are new, uncharted territory. Beth and I had a phone call with BNSP, which is our censors… a very lengthy phone call about a particular scene that we never had before. So we are really trying to push the limits on the show in the gritty factor”.

A trailer was already released in the comic con. It shows Felicity being attacked which has fuelled rumors that Felicity may die this season. Danny ‘Brick’ Brickwell will also make an appearance in the season.

Upcoming season 7 is also said to be unpredictable. Also, many villains featured throughout the series are expected to make an appearance as Oliver is in prison with most of them. In a recent interview, Stephen Amell, about his titular character said that “He is in jail with people he put in jail,” said the actor. “We’ve been very fortunate to get some people back on the show that you haven’t seen in a while.” He also said “The thing I really enjoy playing in the premiere is there’s absolutely nothing heroic about Oliver. It is kind of the opposite,” said Amell. “If you are a fan of his, and you root for him, I would really hope the premiere makes you mad.”

Does that mean that the rogues’ gallery of Arrow amassed over 6 seasons gets its field day? Do they team up to kill Oliver? Or do they do the impossible and join him against the threat that is to come, which in Arrow’s dark verse is usually formidable. Arrow’s Season 7 is slated for an October Release. Tune in to the CW to find out.


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