Are You The One? Season 7 Episode 6: Spilling The Tea

In this post, we are going to talk about American reality television series Are You The One? season 7 episode 6: Spilling The Tea release date and spoilers. The show features young singles trying to find their love. Contestants are invited to the show, and they are already paired with another opposite gender contestant as a love match. The match is decided by an algorithm which considers many aspects and similarities between them. Contestants have to find out their perfect match during the show.

Are You The One? Season 7 Episode 6: Spilling The Tea Release Date

The sixth episode of the seventh season of Are You The One? is all set to release on 12 September 2018. The show is broadcasted on MTV every Wednesday. There is no information about the total episodes that the seventh season will include, but there is usually ten weeks which means ten episodes. Only last season included 12 episodes, as only one perfect match was found in the last episode of last season.

Are You The One? Season 7 Episode 6: Spilling The Tea Spoilers

The show has been shaken by exes, as there are a lot of adverse effects happening in the current relationships. First of all, the last episode had no match in the Truth Booth. The effect of exes affected many couples, whereas Kayla and Cam were seen having the best bond of all. Unfortunately, couples like Kenya and Tevin were completely ruined. Also, Kevin felt that Kenya still loves her ex very much, he is determined to move to Jasmine.

In the upcoming episode, we might see Kwasi being crazy when he will get to know about what Tevin and Jasmine were up to the night before. And as we know, Zak is into Morgan a little bit. Bria will be seen going mad over Zak’s new building relation with Morgan. Moreover, all the housemates will be seen making some weird choices in greed to find their perfect match.

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