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Are Nic and Savannah Back Together? The Latest About Them

Are Nick and Savannah back together?
Savannah and Nic

Are Nic and Savannah back together? Savannah Chrisley made her Television debut quite a long time ago. This was back when she was still in her early teens. Since then, she has grown up to be 24 years old and has had a few relationships in her time. She was the youngest of Todd Chrisley’s daughters and now stars in a spin-off show called Growing Up Chrisley. Through the show, we have been able to learn about the life of the Chrisleys. And through time, we have only gotten closer to the family. Savannah Chrisley had met Nic Kerdiles back in 2017 on Instagram. And a year later, the couple got engaged. But alas! Their relationship fell through as Savannah Chrisley announced their split. But now, rumors surrounding their reconciliation have spread across the internet. Let’s see, Are Nic and Savannah back together?

The engagement was called off in September 2020 as the fans were let down. Nic Kerdiles and Savannah Chrisley were no longer together as their engagement was called off. The couple chose not to go into every detail about the relationship. Most of Savannah’s life has been witnessed by the entire world. So she was trying her best to keep some privacy. Savannah and Nic were engaged for two years, after which they called it quits due to them not being on the same page. Savannah believes that she and Nic have a very unique relationship. They can communicate well with one another. They did not want to change for anyone, so split was the only option for them at the time. Both of them still loved and respected each other, but a split was the only appropriate option for them then. So, Are Nic and Savannah back together?

Are Nick and Savannah back together?

Nic and Savannah.

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Are Nic and Savannah back together?

Yes, Nick and Savannah are back together as a couple. The two spent some valuable time without one another and have finally decided to get back into a relationship. Savannah wants to be with Nic and is willing to give him a second chance. The first sign of the relationship being back on was when Nic commented on a post by Savannah. While the two had claimed to love and respect one another, this comment seemed a bit exclusive. Nic commented, “So proud of you babe!” which led the netizens to suspect that the couple had gotten back together. Nevertheless, Savannah’s representatives said otherwise and denied the couple getting back together. But one cannot hide the truth for long as Savannah herself took it upon herself to reveal her situation with Nic. Savannah made it clear that she and Nic were, in fact, back together.

The reason they had not revealed it sooner is due to privacy. Savannah had spent most of her life in front of cameras. People have always surrounded her, causing her to only have a little time to herself. So when she was engaged to Nic, people all around the globe were involved in the relationship. They knew a bit too much than one would like. So to preserve their relationship and their decisions in relation to public opinion, Savannah and Nic have restrained from sharing their private moments on social media. Previously, they used to post several pictures with one another. They want to avoid that now.

The next season of Growing Up Chrisley approaches, so Savannah has revealed that Nic would only have a little time on screen. While people may suspect that something is off about the public, each episode only encapsulates around 20 minutes from each week of their lives.

Are Nick and Savannah back together?

Savannah Chrisley.

All about Growing Up Chrisley

The spin-off series follows the lives of Savannah and Chase Chrisley as they want to make it into their world on their own. They want to show their dad that they could have a successful life even without living off him. The brother-sister duo has gone to Nashville as they pick up Nanny Faye and head off to Los Angeles. But they need to be quick as they have only got three months to achieve their dream. Chase wants to be an actor, while Savannah wants to be big in the cosmetics industry. Growing Up Chrisley has only premiered on 12th August 2021. The show is available to watch on the USA Network.

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