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Are Linda And Amenadiel Together? What Happened To Them In Lucifer 6?

Are Linda And Amenadiel Together

We will finally get to know the answer to the question, Are Linda And Amenadiel Together? Hit fantasy drama series Lucifer has finally drawn the curtains, and the showdown was a roller coaster ride for fans! It was a tear-filled emotional farewell as fans got to witness one of the most beautiful reunions between Lucifer and Chloe. The finale was a beautiful one when everyone got closure as Lucifer and his daughter finally had the heartfelt conversation of why he had to turn his back and leave Earth.

The star-crossed lover was finally reunited in Hell after Chloe died in old age. Their daughter forgave Lucifer, understanding that why he had to abandon them. However, it was not only Lucifer and Chloe, but the makers made sure that all the couples got their deserving end at the end of the hit series. Are you wondering what happened to the other lead characters? We have a particular couple in mind: Linda and Amenadiel! The two started from season 3 onwards, and while they decided to part ways, they were connected with one common factor: their son Charlie. Let us take a look at all the details about the question, Are Linda And Amenadiel Together?

Are Linda And Amenadiel Together?

The hit fantasy drama series Lucifer comes to an end. Lucifer finally gives Amenadiel blessings, and Linda continues to work on her memoir named My Time with the Devil. The name pretty much summed up the tile they had on the show. The pair had called it quits in season 5 while co-parenting their son. It seems like the final chapter of the story brings peace between them as they get involved in their respective life and moves on.What Happened To Them?

On the other hand, Amenadiel was busy as he was spending his time between Heaven and Earth while talking over God’s throne from Lucifer.  While the pair did not exactly wind up together, they both found closure and happiness in their respective life. The two started to date in utter secrecy from season 3 onwards and intended to keep it that way. However, the pair did hit a few bumps in the way and were blessed with Charlie.

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What Happened To Amenadiel And Linda In Lucifer Season 6?

Apart from the memoir, Linda was seen raising her and Amenadiel’s son Charlie on Earth. Fans also discovered that Charlie has turned out to be half-human and half-celestial after all. And he was gladly sporting his angel wings during his birthday party! As the show came to an end, Amenadiel has finally made peace by working with his angelic siblings instead of against them. He was over the differences and trusted his siblings to oversee all things in Heaven in his absence. Lucifer season 6 is streaming on Netflix! Take a look at this video which pays an ode to all the fans.

We also saw that Chloé was often visited by Amenadiel. He was pleased to see that the work that he had done during his brief time at the department had paid off before he started his rather important new job in a place like never before! Not to forget how like a doting father, he was even there to witness the shocking moment when Charlie unexpectedly got his wings on his second birthday!

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Lucifer Stars Tom Ellis And Lauren German Teased The Possibility Of A Movie!

Lauren German has revealed her idea that they would love to shoot a Lucifer movie. However, it would be thrilling if it was shot in a style of Naked Gun and Airplane! While the idea sure sounds thrilling enough, co-star and series lead Tom Ellis has something different to say!

Are Linda And Amenadiel Together

However, series star Tom Ellis added that he believes that the hit Netflix show has reached its natural endpoint. He further said that it was the final incarnation of these characters in this show, and it felt like it was the right time to finish. The lead star is not totally saying no to a movie idea and says that it sure sounds like fun!

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