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Are JD And Elizabeth Still Together? Everything To Know

Are JD And Elizabeth Still Together?
JD and Elizabeth

Are JD and Elizabeth still together?- the question is one of the most asked-about from any television show. The famous couple from the American television show Southern Charm has been a part of the discussion since they first appeared on the show. However, things were sometimes smooth and something hard for them. Although, JD and Elizabeth were not the central couple. They were an important part of reality television. They sat and watched whatever things were happening in the lives of their friends. Little did they knew that their personal life will fall under the radar of the netizens. At some point, they are responsible for the interrogation. Towards the end of 4th season of the reality show, JD announced a split with his wife Elizabeth.

For every Southern Charm fan, it was quite a shock. The Madison couple was one of the favorites throughout the series. Hence, their sudden split caused a ruckus on the internet. Even after years since the couple left the show, JD ad Elizabeth’s relationship status has ignited the curiosity levels in our minds. As far as the show is concerned, JD Madison and his wife’s life was peaceful, and they were living together happily. But what went wrong? Are they still together? These questions need a proper explanation.

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Are JD And Elizabeth Still Together?

This is a question that rose somewhere in the year 2018. With the premiere of the fifth season, JD Madison announced that he was not living with his wife, Elizabeth. Being a part of the American reality show that revolves around the lives of socialites gave a clear picture of Madison’s life. Despite being a side couple, JD and Elizabeth were able to gather huge appreciation for their part. As a result, people were left in a state of confusion as to what happened between them. What led to their separation during the show? Well, things were not that smooth for them as they seemed.

The women wing on the show supported Elizabeth in this decision. Meanwhile, JD was accused of cheating on his wife. These allegations grew, and the matter was quite a heated one on the internet. To everyone’s surprise, Elizabeth was once again captured with JD at an event. This confused everyone, including her supporters from the cast of Southern Charm. In the meantime, their sudden exit from the show was speculated of being a way of separating peacefully. JD was also accused of sexual harassment, which was later proved to be a false accusation.

JD and Elizabeth separation

It is tough to say whether the couple is intact or not.

JD spoke about his split, calling it an outcome of different work styles and changes in priorities from both sides. No doubt, it was a valid reason for growing apart from someone you love so dearly. Interestingly, the Madison couple has been dropping bombs of confusion. In September 2020, JD changed his Instagram profile picture. It was changed to a picture with wife Elizabeth Madison. As of now, it is very much unclear whether JD and Elizabeth are together or not. Maybe they are living separately and co-parenting together.

What Is Southern Charm All About?

Southern Charm is a famous American reality show that deals with the personal and professional spheres of a few people being cast on the show. It was premiered with a scope of entertaining the viewers with some real-life matter. Hence, Bryan Kestner and Whitney Sudler-Smith created this show. The first season was premiered on March 3, 2014. It is a Bravo original show. Irad Eyal and Aaron Rothman, among others, are the executive producers of this show. Moreover, Southern Charm is made under Haymaker Productions. As of now, a total of 83 episodes have been out for the viewers. Since 2014, there have been 7 seasons. Generally, each episode spans almost 40 to 42 minutes.

Southern Charm

Southern Charm

It has been one of the successful reality shows on Bravo. Hence, the reason for productions for the spin-off series was quite expected. In 2016, Bravo announced the spin-off series Southern Charm Savannah. As the name suggests, it was based in Savannah. Moreover, the show’s popularity became the baseline for Southern Charm New Orleans and RelationShep. These were the other two spin-offs of Southern Charm. No doubt, the show was popular enough to hold a large audience across the world.

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