Are Blackpink Rosé And GOT7 Mark Tuan Dating? Rumor Or Real, Mark Tuan Responds

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Dating rumors are as rampant and frequent as Kpop idol shippers, but what are the events that made netizens link up Blackpink Rosé & Mark Tuan, an ex-member of the JYP group GOT7? Usually, a look shared between idols for a total of 0.01 seconds in public gatherings like year-end gayo festivals is enough for Kpop idol shippers to put their tin-foil hats on and get to their detective work, but fans believe there is more to this ship than just their wishful thinking. But why an unusual pairing like Rosé & Mark Tuan? If there is a prize for having the most plausible and close-knit connection between two BlackPink and (ex) GOT7 members, it should be Lisa and Bambam, who are not only foreigners from Thailand working as idols in South Korea but also have several photographic evidence of being childhood friends.

The whole drama unfolded on September 2021 during Paris Fashion Week. Blackpink Rosé, who was representing Yves Saint Laurent, met up with her bandmate Jisoo who was in Paris representing Dior in the Fashion Week. Now, Jisoo posted a picture with Rosé along with the Eiffel Tower in the nighttime on Instagram. Coincidentally, Mark Tuan, who was also in Paris for the Fashion Week, also posted the same glittering scenery of the Eiffel Tower, and this was enough to pour the fuel into the fire, that is, Rosé x Mark Tuan shippers.

Mark Responds To ‘Rosé & Mark Dating Rumors’

It would seem like another reason for dating rumors of Rosé and Mark erupting is the Instagram photos they both have posted during snowy days with captions that read as if they are responding to each other, but this was way before September 2021. Additionally, Jisoo and Mark also posted photos of the Eiffel Tower from similar angles during Paris Fashion Week, which shippers have taken as evidence of the Blackpink members and Mark spending time together in Paris.

rosé mark tuan
Instagram posts of Rosé and Mark Tuan with similar captions

Neither of their agencies, YG Entertainment or Mark Tuan Studio, have issued any statements about the crazy dating rumors about Rosé and Mark. However, after the dating conspiracies spread like wildfire on various social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, Mark put out a cryptic tweet calling people out for being clownish, but he deleted that deleted almost as soon as he published it. Safe to say, the idols are getting tired of the shenanigans certain netizens are pulling for a bit of gossip.

rosé mark tuan
Mark’s cryptic tweet when dating rumors were in full swing

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Dating Rumors Of Blackpink Till Now

Ever since their debut, Blackpink members have been no stranger to getting into “dating controversies”. The controversial New Year couple revealed by Korean news outlet Dispatch for the year 2019 was none other than Blackpink Jennie and EXO Kai. Both of the parties faced much hatred and vitriol from online communities post this reveal. Dispatch targeted Blackpink Jennie again in the year 2021, this time linking her with her YG sunbae G-Dragon from the legendary group BIGBANG – this news, however, was refused to be acknowledged by their agency YG Entertainment. In late 2021, Jennie again got embroiled in a dating controversy, this time with BTS V, aka Kim Taehyung – the reason being V, who was a newbie to the Instagram app that time, had accidentally followed Jennie on the social media app.

rosé mark tuan
Blackpink Jisoo and Mark Tuan posting similar photos on Instagram during the same time

Blackpink’s Jisoo has been linked to South Korean footballer Son Heung Min and also with her costar Jung Hae In from the JTBC drama Snowdrop. The rumors regarding Son Heung Min and Jisoo were so intense that YG Entertainment again had to intervene again by issuing an official statement claiming no connection of any sort between the two. Blackpink member Lisa has been incessantly linked with BTS Jungkook ever since her debut – with no basis other than the fans who like shipping the idols because both of them are 1997-liners. Dating controversies do hinder an idol’s interaction with their fans as they have to second-guess their every move – be it traveling to somewhere or posting certain things on their social media sites, so it is respectable to keep fandom shipping as low as possible to let the idols express themselves as freely as they want to without fear of incessant scrutiny, but when has that ever stopped anyone?

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