Archive Movie Ending Explained: All About The 2020 Sci-Fi

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Archive Movie Ending Explained

In this article, Archive will get its ending explained. Moreover, we will get to know all about the 2020 sci-fi. Science fiction is a genre that evolves with the evolution of real-world technologies. As a result, it attracts a big audience. Likewise, more and more people start discussing the films and the concept they are based on. Among different concepts, Artificial Intelligence has kept pace. Hence, a significant amount of films have been made targeting the AI concept. So is the concept behind Archive. Ever since its release in July 2020, the film has been a hot topic of discussion. Moreover, people have been discussing Archive’s end with enthusiasm.

It is a film directed by Gavin Rothery, making Archive his directorial debut. Likewise, Gavin has written the film. Archive was originally scheduled to release in March 2020. However, the Covid-19 pandemic postponed the release. What the audience fantasizes about is the time in which the Archive is set. Yes, you got that right. It is not based on the current time. Instead, Archive is based in the year 2038. Hence, the concept shown in the film is highly advanced. Most likely, it is depicting what our future can be. Hence, it was obvious to discuss the plot and characters of the science fiction thriller. Moreover, it is a confusing ending like every other sci-fi film has made us scratch our heads.

Archive Movie Ending Explained

What Is Archive All About?

Archive is a science fiction movie based on the concept of Artificial Intelligence. The film is an amazing thriller sending chills to our minds and body. It is a story about a man named George Almore, who is a robotics engineer. The story revolves around his life with his pregnant wife. He works in a company named Archives and develops three different human-equivalent AI. Well, all these things happen in his consciousness. This is the twist of the film. Whatever things have been done by George, from making three prototypes to blaming himself for his wife and kid’s death, everything is a false story. In reality, he is the one who has died.

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In the initial part of the film, George askes his wife to sign in a project where their consciousness will be intact in Analog form for years after their death. It sounded absurd to Jules, his wife, and she denied doing so. However, George proceeded with the concept and registered himself. Based on 2038, this concept of storing one’s consciousness seems real. Later on, George meets an accident alongside his wife. What happened after the accident, in reality, is far away from what is shown.

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According to George’s consciousness, due to his carelessness, he lost his kid and wife in that accident. Hence, he moves on with a project in Archive and makes three prototypes- J1, J2, and J3. The first two are not able to meet his expectations. However, the J3 prototype is exactly what he expected. He expresses his desire to remove J3’s consciousness from that of Jules so that he can stay in contact with his wife. However, the end reveals the truth that he is dead and not his wife, Jules.

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Archive Movie Ending Explained

The film entirely focuses on George’s subconsciousness and what he desires to do after his wife’s death. When in reality, he is the one who died. Initially, Jules is seen against the concept of storing consciousness. However, after George’s death, the only way of staying in touch with him seems pleasing to her. Hence, she calls his consciousness on a timely basis and asks about his life over there. Interestingly, she never reveals the fact that he is dead until the final goodbye.

Meanwhile, the character of J1, J2, and J3 depicts different mindsets. J1 can develop till the age of 6-years-old. Likewise, J2 can grow till 15-years-old. The latter gets jealous of J3 and tries to get rid of it. However, George’s consciousness cuts off his legs and gives them to J3. As a result, J2 attempts suicide. This suicide is simply linked with the guilt inside George’s mind for the death of his kid because of his carelessness. No doubt, it is a fascinating way to derive conclusions. Another mesmerizing fact of the Archive movie is the role of J3.

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Ending Explained

Even though it exists inside his consciousness, the feeling of getting replaced with Jules’ consciousness makes her uneasy. Remember, everything, including these three AIs, is not real. But, J3 is an exception. J3 even tries to stop George from talking to Jules. However, he picks up the final call from his wife and speaks to his daughter, who is a big girl now. This final call reveals that George is no more than sub-consciousness. Moreover, it is difficult for Jules to carry forward this materialistic conversation with her dead husband’s mind. With this, George confronts reality and slowly fades away to become non-existent.

Final Verdict: Archive

Archive is a well-written and well-directed science fiction movie. Films like this unique concept should be given prominence. It is a must-watch. The concept of storing consciousness depicts the growth of technology in the future. Everyone wants to be in touch with the dead ones. But the way the film has shown the possibility of doing so is amazing. Moreover, the fact that J3 got jealous of a real human being is something acceptable. Hence, one can say that Archive is a type of movie that needs special recognition across the world. So go ahead and watch how the sub-consciousness builds a new story on its own.

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