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Aranyak Season 2: Should We Expect Another Run?

Aranyak Season 2 Release Date
Aranyak Season 2

This Indian television series garnered massive fame for its complex storyline and concept. From day one, everybody found this series to be enthralling. Speaking of its genre, the whole series is based on crime and mystery. Since Season 1 came to an end, the viewers are pretty excited to know more about the release date of Aranyak Season 2. To be honest, the name itself generates a spooky feeling to it. And that’s good because nobody ever felt that the story is misleading or incomplete. Moreover, the creators of this show ended the first season with eight episodes in total. And the final episode premiered on December 10, 2021.

Aranyak quickly rose to fame since the creators didn’t make the story too draggy or boring. They made sure that everything is on point. And their main purpose was to keep the plot away from any kind of misleading points. Thus, many viewers want to know the details of Aranyak season 2 and its release date. Moreover, It is a Vinay Waikul directorial. And guess what? Since it is a mini-series, they took the whole story at a fast pace, and this resulted in a lot of confusion. Many viewers didn’t understand the plotlines. But in reality, the story was free from fillers.

Plot Summary

Well, when it comes to the first season, many viewers wanted to know about the origin of this plot. Since this is an original write-up by Charudutt Acharya, everybody became even more curious. But guess what? He wrote this script through one of his personal experiences while Charudutt was out on a trip. To be more precise, the tale revolves around a young girl Aimee. She recently visited Sironah, it is a fictitious place specifically created for the story. Aimee was deceived and raped. The story takes a different turn when they introduce our lead character Kasturi Dogra.

Aranyak Season 2 Release Date


She is the police officer assigned for this case. Moreover, before she got the case, Kasturi was all set to take a vacation from work. Just to give some time to her family. Since her work made it too difficult for her to stay home. But this news shook her to the core. So she dismissed all her plans to take a leave and directed all her focus to this case. At first, she went through a lot of trouble to maintain a good relationship with her co-worker Angad Malik. But things become more challenging after Aimee’s body is found.

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Aranyak Season 2 Release Date

Little did you know that Sidharth Roy Kapur is one of the producers for this show. Since the show received massive popularity, he revealed his thoughts for the release date of Aranyak Season 2. According to him, there are high chances that the show might be coming back. The creators of this show are already setting up strategies to come up with a plot for the second season. Moreover, he also revealed that the whole crew is putting in tremendous efforts to launch the second season with something more catchy and impressive.

Aranyak is a Netflix series


Season 2 of Aranyak will have the same set of cast members. Because they are one of the reasons behind the show’s success. Moreover, to be more precise, the characters represented their roles with complete precision. And everybody performed well by directing exceptional acting skills. Their portrayal in the first season was well appreciated by the producer. These were the only things that Sidharth Roy Kapur talked about. Apart from this, he wanted to keep everything a secret. Since there’s still time for the huge announcement. Before producing this show, Sidharth is pretty famous for producing different movies and shows like Dangal and Barfi.

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Cast & Characters

When it comes to the cast members of this show, Vinay Waikul picked out some potential actors for the series. Speaking of the lead roles, Raveena Tandon represented the character of police officer Kasturi Dogra. She’s very popular in terms of such strong roles and in the past she has given some great roles in several movies like ‘Satta’ and ‘Sahib Biwi Gulaam’ in 2003 and 2004 respectively.

Aranyak is a blend of crime and mystery

Raveena Tandon (left), Parambrata Chattopadhyay, and Ashutosh Rana (right)

When it comes to the portrayal of Angad Malik’s character, it is played by Parambrata Chattopadhyay. He is a popular Indian actor, and he received massive fame for his role in the popular Bollywood movie ‘Kahaani’. Another popular actor that represents the role of Mahadev Dogra is Ashutosh Rana. He is also a popular Indian actor, and in the past, he has been a part of many versatile roles. Where he was popular for his roles as a protagonist in movies like ‘Dushman’ and ‘Sangharsh’.

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Aranyak Episode 8 Recap

Well, the way the whole season moved, the viewers didn’t expect the plotline to be so confusing. Speaking about the final episode, it starts with Kasturi’s interrogations with possible killers of Aimee. Out of them, Govind was in high suspicion because of his actions. So while he is busy answering her questions, Govind reveals a strange fact about the Leopard man, and they call him ‘Nar Tendua’. Well, this was unexpected. Through the medical reports, certain things were revealed, and it was proved that Gagan was involved in Aimee’s sexual harassment.

Episode 8 is the last episode of Aranyak


And soon, he revealed all the possible details. According to him, he did sexually molest her after he snuck into her hotel room, but he didn’t let out any other information apart from this. Since he was not aware of Aimee’s death. Moreover, the seemingly absurd revelation about the Leopard man came with different confessions. Through which Govind shared the story of a girl named Kamli. She went through the same thing that Aimee had to go through. The Leopard man hangs his victims to a tree after killing them.

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The whole story takes a different turn after a lot of powerful politicians and personalities are involved in Aimee’s murder. But still, Kasturi had to unravel the truth. Moreover, the political people are all set to kidnap Kasturi’s daughter Nutan. Manhas is one of the main political protagonists in the story. He was the main person that was responsible for the abduction. Nutan is saved, and soon, Kasturi begins her interrogations with Manhas’ men.

Aranyak Season 1 Ending Explained

While questioning Gagan, they realize that Manhas was responsible for framing Kanti for the murder. They purposely put her corpse into Kanti’s trunk to get him arrested. And this was just to win from another politician that is Ms. Jagdamba. But still, Kasturi couldn’t connect all the dots. There were a lot of things that were left unexplained. And she had to find the answers for that. Soon, Mahadev steps into her office with a file, through which the whole plot takes a different turn. According to Mahadev, Jagdamba’s servant is the main culprit behind this case.

Aranyak Season 2 Release Date

Zakir Hussain as Kuber Manhas

For so long, he pretended to be a Nar Tendua. But in reality, he is a serial killer in a cloak. He tried his best to hide his identity, but it didn’t work out this time. Well, Kasturi and Angad head out to get him arrested. Jagdamba is shocked after knowing the truth. She locks him in a room and tries to escape from him. But Nandan is constantly claiming his loyalty to the family. But this, in turn, drives him crazy, and he drags Jagdamba to the forest to kill her. Luckily, Kasturi and Mahadev come to the rescue. On the other hand, Angad successfully captured Manha and Omi as they were trying to run away from Sironah to Nepal.

Towards the end, Angad shoots Omi and captures them while he is trying to confront him about his son Maroot. Omi takes advantage of this situation and shoots him back. So we got to know one thing, that Angad’s son is alive. But, in the post-credit scene, the show ends with a glimpse of the Nar Tendua that is the Leopard Man. So to be clear, Nandan wasn’t the Leopard man. It seems like the young man named Rabbit is possibly Angad’s son. Maybe he is the Leopard Man. The creators will surely give more information on the connection between Rabbit and the creature that is still roaming freely in the forest.

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