Boruto proves the current Kage cant even compare to Naruto and Sasuke!

Boruto Next Generations has a lot of loopholes and questions to answer that had arised from Shippuuden. As Shippuuden ended with some of the questions answered and some of them where not. So to be certain, one would have to follow its sequel to find out what happened. Even novels like Sasuke Shinden and the others that are not adapted has revealed much, but it’s not as detailed as the adapted animations. After what happened at the 4th great war and the change in the Kages across shinobi nations, one might wonder how the power balance is at the current moment

Everyone played their role in the war and it is probably what has contributed to their selection as the Kage of their respective nations. And now that the nations have come together, their Kage summits are now peaceful. The recent Boruto episodes, especially on Momoshiki arc, demonstrated the ability of the five kage plus Sasuke working together. Since the previous moment was when Madara attacked the war, this makes it the second time.

Unfortunately the four Kages where proved to be not as powerful when they went up against fused Momoshiki who had absorbed Kinshiki as the food pill. At first, they went up against the lone Kinshiki making it four against one, meanwhile, Naruto and Sasuke took on Momoshiki. Another factor that shows that compared to the duo, the rest of the Kages are not as powerful. This was followed by an effortless defeat afterward when Momoshiki and Kinshiki where fused. When he took out four of the five Kages with little to no effort.

Afterwards, Sasuke and Naruto gave him the same beating, combining their techniques and defeating him without much effort. Well after the war has passed one would expect much more from the Kage as they seem to be much stronger. But in the end, Boruto next generations just proved that they don’t even come close to Naruto and Sasuke when it comes to their combined powers. I’m sure there’s still a lot more that Boruto will show us, so in the meantime let us wait to see what the upcoming arcs has in store for us.

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