Boruto fans are wondering if Mitsuki will leave leaf village!

Staying up to date with Boruto next generations will be a good thing to do if you are an otaku these days. I’m saying this because the events to happen in between arcs tell an entirely different story that sets the Anime away from the Manga. If you were a manga fan, then I’m sure you didn’t see this one coming. So anime gives an in-depth understanding of the character development, while the manga puts much emphasis on the storyline, in other words, it’s like the framework of the series.

Keeping up with Boruto’s latest episode(71), at its ending Mitsuki seems to be leaning to a more aloof direction. During the episode, he kept on wondering about his will. And this was more influenced by Ohnoki who told him that its difficult to tell if what he has is his own true will.

So the upcoming episode shows a tease where Mitsuki seems to have left the village. And as a result, Tsunade will be involved in discovering whatever is happening to him. So this takes us back to when Sasuke left the village and Tsunade was the Hokage in charge, in the end, she has some expertise when it comes to issues like this one.

Now, this just creates a huge impact on the plot, and the possibility of what story lies ahead if Mitsuki will really leave the village. Will, he leaves as a villain and turn against the leaf? Or will it be peaceful and he just wants to go out and rediscover himself meaning he will be off the screen for some time?

All that this tease brings is just issues for discussions for fans, and I’m sure the next episode will clear this out. It’s not that far as Boruto has moved to a Thursday Schedule, so we just have to wait until then to really find out what is going on.

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