Anime Comparison: So I Can’t Play H! vs. HighSchool: DxD


5. The “Other World”


I’m using quotations for the other world for two reasons, one for So I Can’t Play H!, and one for HighSchool DxD. For So I Can’t Play H!, the other world is called Grimwald, any expended energy from the death of humans is actually stored in the main tower of Grimwald. Here’s where things become crazy. Grimwald is actually under siege by the head of another shinigami family, known as Galdarblog. Here’s where things get interesting. Galdarblog is actually trying to merge the human world and Grimwald by destroying the tower and the gate within the tower. He doesn’t fully reveal that until he’s defeated by Ryosuke using Graham. Ultimately Grimwald and the human world do become one.

The Gremory House in Hell

The second reason for the quotations is because the “other world” in HighSchool DxD is actually Hell. There’s several “Other Worlds” because you have Hell, Heaven, Asgard, and the Dimensional Gap. I’m not sure if Purgatory is a world within this anime, but I would assume so because they use a form of Roman Catholicism. Most of the time however, the Occult Research Club will be in either the human world or hell. A lot of the training in season 3 actually takes place in Hell. One thing I’m looking forward to in Season 4 is Issei’s fight with Sairaorg, which supposedly takes place in an arena in Hell.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this! Hopefully after reading this you can become a fan of both. Have a great weekend!

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