Anime Comparison: So I Can’t Play H! vs. HighSchool: DxD


1. Pervert Main Character

Ryosuke Kaga

Ryosuke Kaga is the main character for So I Can’t Play H! (SICPH, its getting tiresome to write out the whole thing) and at the beginning he doesn’t fully accept his pervertedness. He actually grows into it though. He is actually the clumsy type of pervert, he says things aloud that he thinks is actually in his head. In this particular show, humans give off an abundance of energy whenever they think about or come in contact with their reason for living. Grim Reapers, otherwise known as Shinigami, actually use to fight with and survive in the human world. At first, you find out that Ryosuke is supposed to die in a matter of months. Humans only have so much energy and “supposedly” when that energy is run out they die. However, they experience “blasts” or surges of energy (as I’ve mentioned before) whenever they think about or come in contact with their reason for living. So at first Ryosuke seems to be very weak, but when he comes in contact with Lisara’s……ummmm “lower area” on accident he has a gigantic explosion of energy. This is when he starts to embrace his perverted side. However the girls, don’t fully accept his pervertedness and even though they wind up loving/liking him.

Issei Hyodo

Issei Hyodo, my nome de plume, already knows and accepts his pervertedness at the beginning of the show. He actually gets “caught” peeping event though he actually didn’t see anything. One of the things that differ Issei from Ryosuke though is that Ryosuke tries to go out of his way to be a gentleman instead of a pervert, Issei doesn’t do that. But because of Issei’s lack of gentlemanliness he still becomes loved/liked by all the girls, and when they like him they actually aid his pervertedness by letting him touch their boobs. Lisara and the others “technically” won’t let Ryosuke do that, but he still has touched every single one of their boobs, even if they were “accidental.” Only one has “let” him touch and that would be Iria Fukumune.

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