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Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk about something inevitable that is about to happen in One Piece in the upcoming chapters. This post contains potential spoilers. If you don’t like being spoiled, then I suggest you leave the post, or stop reading. However, if you don’t mind being spoiled, then let’s get started.

Chapter 893 of One Piece focused completely on the battle of Monkey D Luffy, and Charlotte Katakuri. They are both finally looking at each other eye to eye, and the fight is very close to ending as well. I think it will probably be wrapped up within the next couple of chapters. We also have the other party to look at, and that is the Strawhat Pirates, and the Big mom chase.

We don’t know what the Strawhat Pirates are up to. For now, they just want to get to Cacao Island somehow, and it looks like Sanji has a plan. On the other hand, Bege has the cake, and he wants to take Big Mom to an island nearby, and feed the cake to her there. Interestingly enough, the island that Bege is heading towards is Liqueur Island. While it doesn’t sound much different from the island that Big Mom has in her territory, it could actually create a huge problem.

From the name of the island, we can infer that the island has Alcohol all over it. If you read the Chapter 892 again, you’ll see that Big Mom is riding Prometheus, which is a huge Ball of Fire. Alcohol is highly flammable. If Big Mom does go to Liqueur Island, then she’ll end up igniting the whole place, and it’ll lead to a huge explosion.

It is even possible for her to go down in this arc if she gets engulfed by this huge explosion. An entire island of Alcohol would blow up the surrounding Islands as well. Bege will probably be caught up in this as well. But one thing is for sure. Big Mom will likely be injured at the end of it all. We all know her as a woman who has probably never been hurt in her entire lifetime ever.

She is an Iron Balloon. Nothing works on this lady. However, could it be possible that the explosion actually manages to hurt her? I wouldn’t eliminate this possibility entirely. There is also a possibility that Big Mom actually manages to tank this blast as well. She has extremely high resilience. So I wouldn’t be surprised if she emerges alive out of this. In any case, we’ll likely find out soon what’s going to happen to Big Mom, and Capone Bege in the upcoming chapters.


[Spoiler] Is About To Get Even Stronger In One Piece

Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk about the upcoming events of the Whole Cake Island. Of course, a lot of this will be based on what many people have speculated is going to happen, and a lot of it is based on what I think is about to happen. Either way, this is just a theory. If you don’t like reading theories, I suggest that you leave the post, and you don’t continue.

However, I you really enjoy reading them, let’s begin. In chapter 892 of One Piece, we saw Big Mom finally getting a sniff of the cake, and follow Capone Bege’s ship. As a result, the entire Fleet of the Big Mom Pirates split up, and Smoothie was made in charge of following the Strawhat Pirates. On the other hand, Perospero was in charge of following Capone Bege, and making sure that Big Mom remains safe.

Bege’s plan isn’t to feed Big Mom the cake in the middle of the Ocean. It seems he wants to take a short detour to Liqueur Island, and there, he wants to feed the cake to Big Mom. However, there is something that not a lot of people have noticed, and that is, Big Mom heading to a very dangerous place. Liqueur Island may seem like one of the other territories of Big Mom, but it’s really not.

As the name suggests, the island is probably going to be filled with alcohol. If that really is the case, then it is a bad idea to take a ball of fire there. Big Mom usually rides Zeus. However, this time, she is riding Prometheus, who has turned into a big ball of fire. Alcohol is highly flammable.


If Prometheus does get near it, there is likely going to be a huge explosion. A lot of people have theorised this. Many have gone ahead and said that the entire island will explode, and Big Mom will finally take some sort of damage.

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