Niantic Introduce Daily Bonuses To Pokestops


Pokemon Go was released a year and a half ago! At this point in the games life cycle, you would think one of the most important parts of the game would be working properly and have all the tweaks in needs finalized. Though, that isn’t the case. However, it does appear Niantic is changing them daily, or even weekly.

The Pokestops are Pokemon Go’s major features that are used in order to collect items which allows you to “progress” further into the game. When the game was first released. Trainers quickly realized the importance of these stops and request for more if their towns didn’t have plenty.

Pokémon GO: Does Putting Lures On Dead Pokestops Bring Them To Life?
Pokémon GO: Does Putting Lures On Dead Pokestops Bring Them To Life?

The loot table for these photospins did have a lot of items until generation 2 came out. Once that happened we saw new barries along with 5 evolution items used to evolve certain Pokemon in the game. Pokestops have been seen to favor items. Sometimes it would last for a day, sometimes it would last longer.

Pokemon Go Spinning Above speed limit

For all we know, Niantic is testing something pretty fun and interesting. Anyone who has played Trove or other games that hold these daily bonuses would know. In Trove, there are set days for certain bonuses. For example every Tuesday, there is a bonus for gathering materials.

This is a feature Niantic could add for Pokestops. Each day could be an increased bonus for certain items which we will go over shortly. Some may not like this, however, knowing that you have a good chance of collecting items you need would be motivating to get out and hit the stops.

Pokemon Go Spinning Results

While not everyone is too fond of getting a ton of berries. Unfortunately, we will have to take those items into a count. Fortunately, there will always be at least one or 2 days that have insanely good bonuses. So let’s go ahead and take a look at which days could give which bonuses.

Pokestop n gym pokemon go

Monday: Increase Potion drop

Tuesday: Increase Berry Drop

Wednesday: Increase Revive drop

Thursday: Increased Experience Per Spin

Friday: Increased Pokeball drop and increase rare spawn (2nd -3rd evolution spawns)

Saturday: Chance for rare candies/ golden raspberries to drop plus slight increase Ultra ball drop

Sunday: Increased evolution item drop and 3-hour lures

As of right now, the only evolution items in the game are typically trashed. However, there are still more Pokemon in the game that uses evolution items so we might see more being added to the Pokestops loot tables. With their drop chances right now. Adding more evolution items would take months to collect.

Pokestop Streaks Having Problems

Niantic’s goal is to keep players active so they can make more money. Adding items that take forever to collect, yet requires 1 second of your time. Isn’t that bad of a way to keep trainers active. Rather or not purchases are made.

Friday and Saturday need to have larger bonuses because more trainers will play the game over those two days. Adding items that aren’t obtainable from pokestops on a high traffic day would give trainers a day to look forward to. It would also help with the lack of raids rural players are seeing.


Most Important Pokemon To Have Recently Added 23 Pokemon

After Niantic added 23 Hoenn region Pokemon many players had a doubt regarding which Pokemon they should focus on getting.I have made the list of four Pokemon which I think would be amazing for a long-term run in Pokemon GO.


Image result for Solrock and Lunatone pinterest

These two are “never going to be in the same place at the same time,” according to Niantic. That’s not because they’re regionals, but because they’re only going to be spawning either in the day or at night, meaning you should grab them when you see them before the sun rises or sets.



Image result for Torkoal pinterest

Once again, we did get another Gen 3 regional in this batch. This time it’s Torkoal, a fire type which is only appearing in India, and possibly some parts of Malaysia, according to reports. So if you’re in those regions and see him, know that you’re catching something the rest of the world doesn’t have access to.

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