Dragon Ball Super going on a HIATUS!!!


Hellow everyone SAD SAD new today, it was a rumor a few weeks ago I am pretty sure some of you have heard about it, but now a newspaper has confirmed it officially SUPER will end on March 25th with EPISODE 131 or ????

The newspaper pretty much says that the anime Gegege no Kitaro which was very popular back in the 60s in Japan. It is best known for its popularization of the folklore creatures known as yōkai, a class of spirit-monster to which all of the main characters belong, The word “Ge Ge Ge” (ゲゲゲ) in the title is a crackling noise in the Japanese language. So this anime is having a 50 years anniversary, and there’s no better way to celebrate it then its return to the Japanese TV.

One thing you should note is that Masako Nozawa (Voice of Goku) will play voice the father of the main character Kitaro, Toshio Furukawa (Voice of Piccolo) will play the voice of Nezumi-Otoko and Mayumi Tanaka (Voice of Krilli and Yajirobé) will play the voice of Sunakake Baba.

However, there is a Japanese website by the name of daily.co.jp that said DB’s broadcast afterward is still “Under Discussion”. So is it really the END of Super, i am pretty sure most of the fandom will go crazy hearing this news, we will have to wait for TOEI’s official words on the situation, the sure thing is that the next coming days and/or weeks will be crucial for the SUPER FANS, keep an eye on the site we will update you if there is anything new.

At last thank’s for @Hermz98 on twitter for providing us with the INFO.

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