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Dragon Ball Super Episode 122, fans are hoping it’s going to be one of the most epic Dragon Ball Super Episode ever, and guys it does really looks the upcoming few episodes will be full of action and all kinds of stuff we the Dragon Ball fans didn’t only wait to see since this arc began but since the very beginning of DBS itself.

Vegeta fans give me a Hell Yeah!

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Looks like The Saiyan Prince will finally get involved with the real deal, The Great One, Jiren The Grey. Now, this is not because we are saying Vegeta will dominate, but just that he is starting to fight with the no.1 guy is exciting.

One of the interesting theories going around the Fanverse is that Vegeta will unlock Ultra Instinct. According to that theory, Goku and Vegeta will complete each other’s Ultra Instinct by combining offense and defense.

If you look into the actual episode preview, we have scenes of both Goku and Vegeta fighting Jiren. Interestingly Vegeta is seen attacking Jiren, and he’s doing really well. At least he lands one or two clean blows on Jiren, which is quite impressive given Goku had a hard time against Jiren even after multiplying his SSB power by 20 times using Kaio-Ken. We’ll talk more about that later in this video.

Goku on the other hand, is doing a better job at defense. This Goku scene looks funny, the way they showed it in the preview, it appears as though Goku is easily defending Jiren and weirdly even laughing while doing so.

Now, while Goku was fighting in his Ultra Instinct state, it was established that at that point of time Goku’s attack wasn’t the most effective or not as good as the defense was in UI.Image result for Goku vs Kefla

The Concept of Ultra Instinct is that body goes before mind, Goku’s body although was defending or dodging instinctively, that wasn’t the case with his offence.

So, in essence, we see Goku doing better with defense while Vegeta is doing real great with offence in the preview trailer of Dragon Ball Super Episode 122. So this could potentially be a foreshadowing of what to come, if that theory turns out to be accurate. Now, I know that’s really unlikely to happen, but the thought did entertain my mind.

Now, this is not to say that Vegeta will actually be unlocking Ultra Instinct in next episode, but that they might have done the foreshadowing of what could happen by the time the tournament ends. In fact, from the preview summaries of Episode 122 and 123, it’s almost confirmed that Vegeta won’t exactly be dominating.  Based on this, it sounds like, Vegeta will land one or two legit blows, use badass moves but will be left stunned as Jiren totally overpowers him.
Still, the reason I’m hyping Vegeta up is that he started his thing with Jiren. Realistically it was expected that Vegeta wasn’t going to just mess Jiren up in their first encounter, given failed to do so even after giving everything he had and even after going Ultra.  But, now since Vegeta failed it could only mean he will be coming back to put up a fight, and in later episodes, we might get stuff we want.

They could even be building up to something like both Goku and Vegeta individually realizing that they aren’t good enough to take him out alone. Goku realizes he is able to defend Jiren, Vegeta realizes he is only able to attack. You get what I mean, Do the math. Image result for Goku Ultra Instinct Promo Picture

However, there are multiple obstructions to this rather wishful theory like the UI Goku highlighted in some of the earlier promotional poster looks a bit different than what we got till now. Meaning Goku might be going levels above to overcome some of the weaknesses and then reach a higher level of Ultra Instinct in which case Vegeta’s help wouldn’t be required.

Another thing is Frieza, he might have a bigger role, because he is being used as one of the unpredictable materials of the Tournament. Even more so than the outcome of the tournament, bigger mystery is what Frieza will do if he succeeds with his plan. Dragon Ball Heroes even showed Frieza and Goku as the last 2 survivors. So if Frieza blocks out the major part Vegeta usually plays our theories might not pan out. Related image

However, not predicting what will happen or trying to bet. If you ask me what would be better between Goku sealing the real deal or Goku and Vegeta doing it either by teamwork or even direct fusion. I obviously would choose the later, as that will please the majority of the fans, and even make absolute sense plot-wise.

In the preview, we also see some shots of Gohan and Toppo.  The things is we already got spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 123-125, and now we are going further down the road of spoiler territory. Because we already know where this might be going from the spoilers, just speculating wouldn’t make much sense.

Here in this video, I want to mention spoilers for 123. Because one it will help us to understand what’s going to happen next and also sometimes these preview summaries contains parts of previous episode, in that way it might be directly related.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 Title- Entire power of body and mind unleashed, Goku and Vegeta!!


Despite doing his best, Vegeta still loses to Jiren. And then, Goku finally challenges Jiren! For this final battle, Goku transforms into full-powered Super Saiyan Blue!


This week Gohan-


Attacking the enemy along with no.17?!


Grabbing Toppo closely, 17 blocks Toppo’s movements and orders Gohan to take them both out at the same time. However, Gohan is hesitant to attack and they lose their opportunity to take out Toppo…

Translation Courtesy- KenXyro

So, from this we get a vibe that by the end of Episode 122 Gohan and Toppo might start fighting, and even 17 might be involved leading up to the next episode. We do know Toppo’s ultimate episode is going to be Episode 125 where he has been termed as a God of Destruction just to signify the intensity of his power. For more on this topic of Gohan and 17 vs Toppo, you should check out my Episode 123 spoilers’ video which will be linked down below.

Now the preview summary also hints something really exciting, which could be the Completed Super Saiyan Blue Form that was earlier highlighted in the manga version.

However, what does that mean for Episode 122?

Since 123 only mentions Goku going full powered against Jiren. We can assume Vegeta gets taken care of in 122. Although both Goku and Vegeta will be fighting Jiren next episode, I think it’ll feature mostly Vegeta in action, he will go desperate and try to throw everything he has, not giving Goku a chance to get involved, and being the prince of cockiness he would probably prefer that.

Now we can’t exactly go into details logically, but since we have a week break from Dragon Ball Super Episodes sadly for that Bullshit new year thing. Let’s do that anyways.

From this shot it looks like Goku and Jiren will start fighting again, but Vegeta decides to jump in anyways.
It’s like you saying I have crush on Gal Gadot, but then they say she is married, but you still….

The point is Vegeta gets the shot anyway as we see him landing a blow on Jiren, and even going full offence, but Vegeta going extra offence out of desperation without too much thinking or attention to other aspects will most likely end up bad.

Since the beginning of the tournament, we knew the real deal was going to be between Universe 7 and 11. Guys, it’s finally down to it, and you can see extra care, the animation is looking even better know. We only have 9 minutes left in this battle royal. It is absolutely the time to take the hype higher than ever before.

Comment your theories and predictions down below!

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