Why Pokemon GO Isn’t Celebrating Thanksgiving

A lot of questions had arisen with Niantic’s choice of event for the updating holiday known as Thanksgiving. This is because last year the event was known as the Celebration event. Not the Thanksgiving event. However, the event was based on being Niantic Thankful for their fanbase.

Why, don’t they just call it the Thanksgiving event? Well, not every country celebrates Thanksgiving, and if they do, it’s not on the same day as America. While other American based games call their events “Thanksgiving” events. Pokemon GO is much larger than the other games.

As a marketing strategy, it’s recommended to please fans and add things they are familiar with. Because not many of those who play Pokemon GO know about Thanksgiving. Niantic is changing things up a little bit and decided to do a “travel” event.

In all honesty, this is a pretty fun event, despite the cold weather many trainers are facing at this time. It gives us more time to experience the bonuses we were given last year. While the bonuses are still the same as later years, we can still consider this the Thanksgiving event. Niantic is just being a bit more cautious about their other players.

While we may not have the same time with all the bonuses. It is nice to have a few extra days to try and level up. Getting a few thousand “experience” points closer to level 40. With generation 3 Coming out soon and many trainers hitting the level cap. It is expected for us to see a new increase in the trainer level. Probably something around level 42-45. The reason why is because no game that has level introduces levels and doesn’t add any more for years to come.