Jiren Finally Moved! Dragon Ball Super 114!

Hey guys. Let me catch my breath first after all that intense mouth-watering action, it was bound to happen. I don’t know where to start to be honest. The episode was really good and personally I enjoyed it to the very last second. In this episode, the fusion of Caulifla and Kale was supposed to happen and it indeed took place during the closing minutes of the episode.

Phew. Those were some heated last minutes and it isn’t looking good for Gokū at all. Even while using Super Saiyan God, he’s been shredded into bits by the new ultimate warrior called, Kefla. But, but, but, the highlight of the episode would be this moment—

If you haven’t watched the episode already, then you’ve run out of luck and now I have spoiled you (evil laugh). After Kale and Caulifla finally fused together, they broke the very laws of energy. Their fused form is giving off a lot of energy, which has attracted the attention of all the big-name warriors in the Tournament, such as Vegeta and JIREN!!! Vegeta’s lapse of concentration allowed Toppo to land a hit on him.

Yes. You’re not dreaming. Jiren had already taken notice of the huge amount of power coming from the berserker form of Kale.

It’s no doubt that he has taken notice of the power of Kefla. It might not be long until we see Jiren the Grayback in action. As things stand, Kefla could really prove to be a massive​ game-changer for Universe 6. On top of that Goku rejected the chance of teaming up with Freiza to fight the girls, which he’s regretting horribly now.

But, that’s just Gokū’s way of doing things. In the sneak peek of the next episode, Jiren was shown and it looks like that the next episode is going to be even spicier than this one.
That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave your comments below.